Friday, May 20, 2011

How to Make Your Eye Color POP!

People have always said that our eyes are the windows to the soul. Personally, I believe that someone's eyes are the best feature on the face, no matter what the color. Eye colors can range from almost clear blue, to almost black and they are all stunning in their own unique way. It's easier than you think to make your eyes stand out!

When figuring out what color eye shadow(s) to apply, it's nice to have a color wheel chart handy, like this one for example:

You simply start out with your eye color or whatever is closest to it, and whatever color is opposite of your eyes is the color shadow you want to use. You can also go a couple of colors to the right or left, but the result won't be as dramatic.

I have created 3 looks for you guys using the three most popular eye colors: Blue, Green and Brown. It's incredible how contrasting colors can make such a noticeable difference with your eye color.

Just a side note, since my eyes are naturally brown, I am wearing what I like to call, "Virtual Contact Lenses", (in other words, I photoshopped my eye color) so that I can have blue and green eyes to pull the looks together.

For you blue eyed gals (and guys!) out there, try using shades of gold, brown, cranberry and bronze. It will make your eyes look as blue as the Mediterranean Sea.


If you have green eyes, consider yourself lucky! It is one the rarest colors on the planet. Only 1-2% of people have a pair of green eyes. Play up your emerald peepers by using vibrant purples, mauves, violets, and pinks.

(Will also work with hazel eyes)

Who said ordinary brown eyes are boring? People with brown eyes can pull off many people colors than those with lighter eyes. Make your warm, mysterious brown eyes look even more striking with contrasting cool tones. All shades of blue, purples and even greens are dazzling with brown eyes. 

(Will also work with hazel eyes)

You can achieve this beautiful effect even with subtle makeup. It certainly isn't necessary for dramatic smoky shadows like the ones above. If that isn't your style, you can try using a lighter shade of color on your lid with a thin application of liner along your lash line and some mascara, or you can even use a colored eye pencil in your water line, like so:

Jennifer Connelly


I hope this was helpful, and have lots of fun experimenting with colors! No matter which eye color you were born with, flaunt them and be confident. If you have any questions, suggestions or if you tried out one of these looks, please let me know. I'd love to check them out :)


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  1. beautiful make up!
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  2. Thank you SO much! I will definitely follow :)

  3. thank you so much for this! you make me feel so much better about having brown eyes. even if they are rly dark and almost black at times. :)


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