Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hey everyone! Yes, I am still alive. I am very sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been super busy this week getting last minute things together for my upcoming vacation this Thursday. I always try not to procrastinate, but it never ever fails! I still have lots to do, and LOTS to pack. I really wish I was those kind of chicks that pack light--nope. Impossible for me!

The only way to go.
I have two looks left in my Deadly Sins Series: Gluttony and Sloth. Gluttony was one of the first looks I created, but I really didn't like the way it turned out (or how the pictures turned out). I've attempted a few looks for sloth as well, but I wasn't satisfied either. I will definitely try my best to get both of them done before my trip! *FINGERS CROSSED*

Also, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I am at 83 followers at the moment! So excited. Once I reach 100, I will host a giveaway for you all! it's my way of saying thanks. I appreciate every single one of you, and it means so much that you all enjoy my looks! THANK YOU!

Anyway, in case any of you are wondering, I am heading out to Nevada (aka HELL). I don't do too well in super hot weather, but I cannot say no casinos, free drinks, and lounging at the river/lake all day...and anyway, it's a family tradition! Hope you guys are having an amazing summer so far! <3

We usually stay in Laughlin, NV and hang out at the Colorado River and Jet Ski!
Lake Mohave--beautiful!
...........Let's do this.

See you guys again really soon!!



  1. i checked all you blog and you're amazing! I loved your looks and your posts :) definitively i'll put you with all my others fav. =D


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