Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Inheritance Cycle Dragon Series Collab with Dawn from Makeup by Siryn!

Hello everyone! Here is the much anticipated special collaboration I did with Dawn, aka Makeup by Siryn. We decided to create four looks based off of each dragon that grace the covers on the Inheritance Cycle books. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with the series, you can can read the synopsis on Wikipedia HERE.

We each got two looks and the dragons that I based my looks off of are Saphira (blue dragon) and Glaedr (gold dragon).  I had such a blast with these looks and working with Dawn, and I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did creating them!

Here is a preview of the amazingly stunning and gorgeous looks that Dawn created for the collaboration! Do yourself a favor and click the image below to check out the rest of her pics, and follow her blog. She deserves all the recognition she can get. Not only is she uber talented, but she's a total sweetheart! GO GO GO! You wont be disappointed, I promise :D


And here are the looks that I came up with! The are both border-line dramatic and wearable...You could totally wear these out to a night time party, club, or event!

As for products used, I mainly used the Naked Palette and the BH Cosmetics 120 Eyeshadow Palette (2nd Edition). I created these weeks ago, and sadly I do not remember which shades I used exactly (sowwie!!). But you can still still achieve these looks with any colors you may have.

I definitely enjoyed doing a collaboration look with the lovely Dawn, it was really fun and it was awesome to work with a fellow blogger and get to know them a bit better. I'll for sure be open for more opportunities like this in the future. Thank you Dawn for collab-ing with me, it was a pleasure! I hope you guys liked the looks, and please don't forget to check out Dawn's blog...Love you all! <3

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  1. Thanks so much lady!!! Ditto everything you said!! :D Loved working with you on this! We need to hang soon since we're both local to eachother!! :D SEPHORA TRIP!! haha!!

  2. Great colab Ronnie!! I loved all the looks, yours and Siryn's(LOVE HER!) I think my favorites out of all four are Saphira and Greenie, go figure I like both the dramatic looks xD This is amazing!!

    I personally have only read Eragon, it was really good but it took me forever to read it. I have the other books but have yet to read them haha xD

  3. Wow. I really love all of these looks. You girls have some serious skills!

  4. Oh I love the gold look!! Its stunning!!

    Is the green dragons name really Greenie?!? I have to say I am excited for the 4th book, even thought I'm really not THAT into the series. I do love my geeky fantasy novels though!

  5. ahhhhh i love that blue look its so stunning!
    & that gold look is beautiful i'd deff wear that as an everyday eye(:

    <3 BB

  6. Your makeup, as always, is amazing. But on an unrelated note, what is the typeface you used for the blog post title? :)

  7. Angie: Greenie is the name that the fans are calling the green dragon until it's born. It's still in it's egg so there's no name yet :)

  8. wow speechless! love them so much!

  9. oh wow all these looks are stunning!

    shel xx

  10. I'm late to the party on this one but take my silence as speechlessness. Straight up. You girls are .......... like ......... no. Literally, speechless. Too much pretty for one post, brain implosion, vocab fail.

  11. Thanks for all of the lovely feedback, guys! It really makes me smile <3

  12. That Saphira look is to DIE for! It's perfect and fits the character's personality very well. I haven't read the books in a while (waiting for the last one to be released) so Glaedr's personality eludes me but it's ALSO a great look.

  13. Just read through your blog and your eye makeup looks are GORGEOUS!!!
    I too am a fan of rich looks on the eyes, so there is alot of inspiration here!

  14. Wow... wow... wow... I just discovered your blog and I'm just at a loss for words to describe how gorgeous your makeup is! I lovelovelove the Inheritance series, and these looks were just gorgeous, amazing, perfect... I'm in love with this makeup!

    Also, can I just say how refreshing it is to find a makeup artist/blogger who doesn't exclusively use all MAC and high end products. I've never used high-end makeup and it makes me feel kind of lame next to all these makeup goddesses who use products I've never even heard of and could never hope to afford, lol.
    You have a new and loyal admirer here! Please keep the posts coming!<3

  15. Wow! Both these looks are amazing and sooo beautiful. Once again you've done an amazing job!

  16. How do you keep all the lines/curves straight? I get shakey and mess up! love the make up!!


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