Monday, November 28, 2011

What a Peculiar 'Pear'...

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a joyful and fun holiday weekend! I spent mine at my mom's this year and man oh man, I sure missed her cooking. Needless to say, I ate way more than I should have and now it's time to detox (until Christmas comes around lol).

Anyway, while I was at my mom's, she had a beautiful display of holiday pears that inspired this look. The colors I used are a bit more vibrant, so this look can be worn to a Christmas party, or any other fun event! I also added some glitter for extra glitz:


  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff
  • Maybelline Fit me Concealer in Light 10
  • Physician's Formula Powder Palette in Translucent 

Colors used are marked with a heart.

  • Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
  • BH Cosmetics 120 Eyeshadow Palette 2nd Edition
  • Wet N Wild Liquid Eyeliner in Black    
  • Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara in Very Black
  • Rimmel Soft Kohl Pencil in Pure White
  • Love & Beauty Glitter Liner in Gold
  • Fright Night Lashes in Mesmerizing

  • ELF Blush in Blushing Rose
  • ELF Blush Highlight in Gotta Glow

  • Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain & Balm in Twilight

There ya have it! I really hope that you enjoy this look and that you try it out. Blog posts will be a little less frequent this upcoming month due to the holidays, so I hope you understand. I will try my best to get at least one look up each week. As always, any questions or concerns, just ask away! Thanks for all the love and support, everyone! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Winter Wishes

Hello, beautiful people! I hope you all are doing well and are enjoying the nice, crisp weather (I sure am)! I am so ready for Thanksgiving and excited for Black Friday, and then the real holiday shopping and fun begin! I've done Black Friday twice before and I find it so fun. This might sound weird, but I actually like waiting in line with my loved ones. We huddle up, laugh, talk and drink hot coffee and cocoa. Don't worry, I'm not those crazy shoppers who trample people over...I stay out of their way, lol.

Anyway, in order to kick off the season, I have a sparkly, chilly, and beautiful blue look that can be worn to any holiday party (even New Years!). I've said this before, but I love dramatic blue looks. I love how it makes my warm eyes pop. Shades of blue, shimmery white and silver are reminiscent of those chilly, snowy days and the glitter reminds me of holiday lights the adorn homes and streets. Help your winter wishes come true with this magical look....

  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Light 10
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC20

  • Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
  • BH Cosmetics 120 Eyeshadow Palette 2nd Edition (Shimmery medium blue) 
  • Lise Watier Glitter Liner in Peacock
  • Wet N Wild Pride Palette (White on brow bone, matte navy on outer corner)
  • Hard Candy Kal-Eye-Descope Eyeshadow in Bad Reputation applied wet in inner corners
  • Wet N Wild Liquid Liner in Black
  • Fright Night Lashes in Sorceress 
  • Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara
  • Rimmel Soft Kohl Pencil in White 

  • ELF Blush in Pink Passion

  • ELF Lip Stain in Birthday Suit

And just because this look reminds me of one of my favorite Christmas songs:

Enjoy the rest of your week, and have a happy Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it. I am thankful for each and every one of you! Love you all, and see you soon....Oh and just out of curiosity, what is your favorite holiday song?

Friday, November 18, 2011

About Me Tag!

Hey you! Here is a different and fun post for you guys today. I was tagged a while back by a few fellow bloggers and I thought I'd give it a go. It was fun to do, and it will give you a small idea of who I am. I tag you all as well. Weee!

Vital Statistics:

-Name: Veronica
-Nicknames: Ronnie, Ron, Ronca, Ronald Bug(s), V-Ron, Vern (I have lots, lol)
-Birthday: February 25,1986 (I know, I'm old...)
-Place of Birth: Fall River, Massachusetts
-Zodiac Sign: Pisces. I fit the description of a Pisces pretty darn well. Pretty creepy, actually. 
-Male or Female: Female
-Occupation: Certified Clutz 


-Hair Color: Currently dark blonde, or "brond" (love child of brown and blond) but naturally, I have golden, chestnut hair.
-Hair Length: Medium
-Eye color: Light Brown/Amber
-Best Feature: Hmm, I get the most compliments on my eyes, so I'll go with that!

-Height: 5'4'' I'm a munchkin!
-Braces?: Never had them, but I wish I did. I thought they were the coolest thing ever.
I wanted to be just like her!
-Glasses?: I had to wear glasses when I was a kid, and they weren't cute either. I guess I had a lazy eye, because I would see double at times. I wore them up until the 5th grade...only reason I stopped is because my friend and I were playing catch in the backyard with a grapefruit (I know, how lame! We had a tree and hey, free balls!) when she threw it at my freakin' face and shattered my glasses! My mom never took me to get new ones (because she doesn't care about me) and I've been spectacle free ever since then. Oh and I miraculously have 20/20 vision now...Thanks mom!

-Piercings: Well, besides my ears, I have none. BUT, I was kind of a bad ass in high school and had multiple piercings that I did myself. I had my bottom lip, nose, eyebrow and ear cartilage. Thankfully they all healed up nicely and you can't even tell anything was ever there!

-Tattoos: I have plently! I have 6 total - Treble clef with a heart on my left ankle, a bow on my right ankle, 3 diamonds on my left foot, "Carpe Diem" which means "Seize the Day" in Latin on my left wrist, "Alis Volat Propriis" which means "She flies with her own wings" in Latin on the back of my neck, and my newest addition that I just got done a week ago behind my left ear of a dove silhouette carrying a cancer ribbon for my dad.
My bow

-Righty or Lefty: Righty, but have always wanted to be a lefty!

Your 'Firsts':

-First best friend: This girl named Valerie. We instantly hit it off because both of our names started with a 'V' and she was just as obsessed with My Little Ponies as I was. I was always sooo jealous of her gorgeous blonde hair. I really wish I remembered her last name. We lost contact after we moved.

-First Award: I got a medal for best artist in the 4th grade! WOOP.

-First Sport You Joined: I've never been into sports really, but I do remember being on the drill team in elementary school for a little bit. I also tried out for the rugby team in high school....BAD idea, lol.

-First Real Vacation: When I visited my mom's family in the Azores when I was about 8 or 9. Most beautiful place I've ever seen.
Seriously, breath-taking.

-First Concert: Oh my god, the Backstreet Boys! I swear, I was convinced I was going to marry Nick Carter, and to this day I KNOW he made eye contact with me, dammit!! No one can tell me otherwise, lol.


-Movie: I love most of Tim Burton's stuff, The Hangover, Super Bad, Pineapple Express, Knocked Up, Step Brothers, Spirited Away, Pixar & Disney movies, Harry Potter, classic horror movies, Schindler's List, Forrest Gump....and many more!

-TV Show: Modern Family, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, PLL, ANTM, Scrubs

-Colors: Black, Pink, Purple, Cyan, Teal

-Song: There is absolutely no way I can choose a favorite song...I'm a music junkie. But if I HAD to, it would probably be something by Muse.

-Candy: I'm totally a chocolate kind of gal. I love Reese's cups, Cadbury Cream Eggs, Kit Kats, Lindor Truffles...ugh, any chocolate really...NOMS!
Get in my belly!

-Restaurant: Sushi Delight, Cheesecake Factory, The Stinking Rose, Wahoo's

-Store: Target, Sephora, Bath and Body Works

-Book: Hm, can't choose an all time favorite, but currently I'm loving The Hunger Games series!

-Magazine: Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmo

-Shoes: I have a sick obsession with shoes, but my current faves are my uber cute and comfy  moccasins that I got a Target! I wear them almost every day.


-Feeling: Sleepy, and trying not to get sick before Black Friday!
-Single or Taken: Taken...and married! <3
-Eating: Nothing....surprisingly. 
-Listening To:  Me typing and my fan.
-Thinking About: The holidays and when to start Christmas shopping. So fun, yet so stressful!
-Wanting: For a certain package to arrive.
-Watching: The computer
-Wearing: PJ's...yellow mini shorts and a black t-shirt.


-Want Children?: Sure, why not. I go back and forth but I think it's because there are so many kids in the family, I don't really feel the need for any at the moment, lol. (I have 7 nieces and nephews!)
-Want to be Married: Been married for 3 years this February!
-Careers in Mind: I always wanted to be a vet or a psychologist.
-Where do you want to live?: Although I love California, I would do just about anything to live in Seattle. 

Do You Believe In:

-God: Nope.
-Miracles: Nah.
-Love At First sight: Not at all...It's just not possible. 
-Ghosts: I used to, and I have had lots of experiences, but I'm starting not to anymore.
-Aliens: Yes! I don;t necessarily think they are little green men in space ships, but I do believe in some sort of life form. Our universe is just too vast and magnificent for us to be alone. 
I mean, come on! How else would you explain this?

-Soul Mates: I don't believe in soul mates, but I do believe that there is someone out there that is worth everything.
-Heaven: No
-Hell: No
-Kissing on The First Date: If everything is going well and it is consensual, sure! Why the hell not?
-Yourself: Yes. I have to.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. I'm kooky, quirky and weird, but I like myself and my sense of humor. I think life is way to damn short to be so serious. Have fun, and I hope you do this tag!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Intergalactic Holiday

It's that time of year again - the holiday season. Everywhere you go you are consumed with holiday music, bells, lights and you're threatened by a fat white-bearded man to be a good girl. There is nothing quite like the holidays. If you're like me, every year around this time, I get all giddy inside and I'm reminded that I have a heart (I'm actually the Grinch's sister...thought you knew!). I'm kidding, I'm a total softie! I love the Christmas lights, tree shopping and shopping for truly is one of the happiest times of the year.

So in order to kick off the season, I have a holiday look for you guys! Instead of the traditional green and red colors of the season, I thought I'd do something different. Metallic shades, glitter and royal purples are also holiday appropriate and this look can be worn to any night-time event (or a space themed party). This looks stunning in person, the lid shade looks almost as if I glued aluminum foil to my eyes!

  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff for Combination Skin
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Light 10
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC20

  • Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
  • Fright Night Metallic Liner in Silver
  • Fright Night Lashes in Sorceress 
  • Lime Crime Magic Dust Eyeshadow in Empress (mixed with fix spary and used as liner)
  • Fantasy Makers Confetti Holographic Glitter in Glitz
  • Wet N Wild Liquid Liner in Black
  • NYX Eyeshadow in Black
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Buck and Naked
  • Lancome Hypnose Mascara

  • Nars Blush in Amour
  • Victoria Jackson Shimmer Powder Brush in Baby Doll Pink

  • Lime Crime Lipstick in Great Pink Planet
  • Victoria Jackson Shimmer Powder Brush in Baby Doll Pink on center of lips

I just had to.

There you have it! I hope you like this holiday look...there are more to come! Have a superb weekend and that I hope you are all happy and healthy. Just for fun...what is one the top items on your holiday wishlist this year? Mine is an iPad 2!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Crème 93 by YonKa Paris Giveaway, Provided by Verve 360 Salons!

Hi guys, hope you're all doing well. I have an awesome giveaway for you all! Up for grabs is a full sized tube of Creme 93 by YonKa Paris (a $50 value).

Let me tell you a little bit about the product. It is a day moisturizer that protects combination skin from the environment. YonKa Creme 93 Protective and Balancing Cream hydrates and rebalances the T-Zone and combination skin from environmental aggressors. Aromatic essences, humectants and emollients work synergistically to rebalance the skin's essential protective film. Stimulates the skin's ability to repair itself. The epidermis is balanced to feel smooth and velvety. T-zone complexion is instantly revitalized and enlivened with no sign of dehydration. Self adjusts moisture level associated with combination skin through a scientific aromatherapeutic cocktail of normalizing phyto sources. Skin is thriving with vibrancy and clarity.

This product has great reviews from numerous places, like makeupalley. You don't want to pass this up!

Thanks to Verve360 Pittsburgh Salons for providing this amazing prize. You can also check out their Facebook page at

Please read the rules and requirements carefully before entering the giveaway. Thank you, and GOOD LUCK!

*Prize will be sent directly from VERVE360*


To enter, simply click "READ MORE" and fill out the Rafflecopter entry form.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Glitter Goth

Hey guys, I'm back after an unexpected break. Many of you know why; if not, then please read my previous blog post. I'd like to take a second to thank every one who sent me their condolences and warm wishes. It meant so much to know that you all care. All I can do now is to stay strong! <3

Anyway, here is a look that was inspired by a black, foam glitter skull that I have in my room. It's supposed to be a Halloween decoration, but I just love it so much so it stays on my dresser all year long. If you know me personally, you know that I like dark, creepy, slightly morbid stuff, and the color black. I adore goth makeup and fashion, but I also like super girly and fun stuff like glitter, pink and hello kitty. I know, weird mix...but that's just who I am!

For some reason, this rainbow holographic glitter was hard to photograph, but you can see the pretty colors here in the blurred photo!

I love Gothic crosses:
Necklaces from Forever 21

You might remember him from my flapper vamp look :)

  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Light 20
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC20

  • Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
  • MAC Pencil in Smolder
  • NYX Eyeshadow in Black
  • Wet N Wild Shimmery White on brow bone
  • Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Holographic Glitter in Glitz
  • LA Splash Glitter Glue
  • Fright Night Glitter Liner in Black on lower lids
  • Fright Night Lashes in Charmed

  • Milani Mosaic Blush in Sweet Cheeks
  • Victoria Jackson Shimmer Powder Brush in Baby Doll Pink

  • Lime Crime Lipstick in Styletto
  • Fright Night Glitter Liner in Black

I really hope you guys enjoyed this look. I particularly really like it, it's totally my style. This would also look gorgeous with a hot pink or pale pink lip if you aren't bold enough to wear a black lip. I think a red or burgundy lip would also make this holiday party worthy as well...especially for NYE. 

I hope you all are doing well. Take care, and please stay healthy. Love you all, and thanks again <3