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Lime Crime Lipstick Collection - Review and Swatches!

As most of you know by now, I have a crush on Lime Crime. Not only is the packaging absolutely fabulous (bright pink tubes with glittery, holographic unicorns? Come on!). but their lipsticks are incredibly pigmented, and super long wearing. There aren't many other companies out there that offer the unique colors that Lime Crime does.

The following reviews are 100% honest and truthful and are not biased. I would personally like to thank Doe and Cassie for sending me all these awesome lippies!

On with the swatches and reviews!
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As you can see, these babies have an intense color payoff! You don't need much at all to get an opaque, solid color.

-Description: "Luscious, glossy black with 100% coverage. The most opaque black you'll ever try!"

                            -Review: Styletto is a smooth, glossy, super dark black. It does stain, so I do I recommend using a lip liner with this one to prevent feathering. I think the glossiness takes this black lippy to another level. Definitely luscious.

-Description: "Brown-based retro red. Part of our LIP NOIR Collection."

Review:  Glamour 101 goes on semi-glossy and this bad boy last for hours upon hours. The formula is just right...not too wet or dry, and leaves behind a red stain on your lips. I typically look for that in a lipstick, so I really enjoy that. One of my all time favorite reds.

-Description: "True-red with a neon note that flatters all skin tones! This shade combines lipstick and lipstain for prolonged wear. Due to the nature of pigment this shade may provide less coverage on darker complexions."

-Review: Retrofuturist is another gorgeous red. It's a true, fire engine red that is super hot. I also like that this one leaves a stain behind as well.

-Description: "Deep, saturated fuchsia. This shade combines lipstick and lipstain for prolonged wear. Due to the nature of pigment this shade may provide less coverage on darker complexions."

-Review: Centrifucshia is one of the best lipsticks in the collection, in my opinion. I wear this one a lot as a lip stain (dab it on with fingers) and it looks amazing. This shade also lasts and lasts and last. I ate, talked, bit, worked out in this and it hardly budged. It leaves behind a nice "just bitten" stain on your lips as well. 

-Description: "Blue-based neon pink. Full coverage on all complexions, dark to light. This shade combines lipstick and lipstain for prolonged wear."

-Review: I love this shade! Countessa Fluorescent screams Barbie/Nicki Minaj to me. It's creamy, bright hot pink, and of course, opaque. A staple in your collection.

-Description: "Pastel pink with a neon note. Full coverage on all complexions, from dark to light."

-Review: Great Pink Planet is a baby doll pink shade does a great job on covering my naturally red lips. I usually have a problem wearing lighter colors and have to mute out my lips with foundation/concealer but that wasn't the case this time.

-Description: "True, luminous orange without red undertones. Inspired by Doe Deere's grandmother whose signature shade was bright tangerine! Due to the nature of pigment this shade may provide less coverage on darker complexions."

-Review: Don't be scared of this bright, orange color! My Beautiful Rocket is absolutely gorgeous, and will be perfect for the upcoming spring season. You get the impact of a red lip, but with a twist. It's super fresh looking!

-Description: "Buttery, softened orange -- think creamsicle!"

-Review: Oh my goodness. Is this shade unique or what? It's a beautiful, orange-creamsicle, summery shade that will definitely turns heads and have people asking what you're wearing. The slight vanilla scent makes me love it even more. You need Cosmopop in your life!

-Description: "Pale, peachy-nude. Because extra-pale lips are beautiful!"

-Review: This is it guys. My long journey of finding the perfect nude shade is finally over. Coquette is unlike any other nude I have tried. It completely covers my naturally red lips and the peachy-pink undertones compliments my skin tone so well without making me look dead. It's creamy, yet a tiny bit on the dry side which helps with the staying power. I cannot wait to wear this with a dark, smoky eye!

-Description: "Boutique crème de lavender for post-modern Marie Antoinettes."

-Review: D'Lilac is superb. The pale, pastel lavender color reminds me of Easter and the flowers that bloom during that time of year. The color can also give anyone the illusion of a tan. This shade has a bit of a different texture than most of the others (dryer and thicker), so applying with a brush is recommended. 

-Description: "Medium violet-purple lipstick with a neon note. Hue as mysterious as the animal itself. This color combines lipstick and lipstain for prolonged wear."

-Review: Airborne Unicorn is such a pretty color and wearable for a purple too.  It's flattering on lots of skin tones, and it's a perfect statement shade without being too out-there.

-Description: "BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Medium grey with lavender undertones. Part of our LIP NOIR Collection."

-Review: Chinchilla is possibly my favorite shade in the collection. There is no known dupe for this color, as it is incredibly unique. Goes on smooth, non-drying and with a hint of glossiness. I cannot express how gorgeous this shade is, and how surprisingly wearable it is for being a different color. This lipstick sells out really fast, so if you want to purchase one, do it now before they're all gone!

-Description: "Intense bubblegum blue. Finally a blue lipstick that gives you 100% coverage! Wear alone as a fashion statement, or layer over others to create your own unique shades."

-Review: This color is intense! It pops against any skin tone and would look remarkable on those with dark skin. It reminds of bubblegum ice cream, and is crazy fun. Like D'Lilac, No She Didn't is a little dryer and thicker than the others.

-Description: "Pastel Mint-Green!  The color we've all been waiting for!"

-Review: Mint To Be is a dynamic, pale and pastel minty green. This color is probably the most opaque of them all and the thickest as well. It is a tiny bit drying, but nothing some lip balm can't fix, and the stunning color makes up for it!



Overall, I really enjoy Lime Crime's products. I love the unique colors, the uber cute packaging, and the intensity and pigmentation of these lipsticks are unlike any other lipsticks I've tried. They might not be for everyone, but I tend to really enjoy lippies that leave behind a stain and are a bit more on the dry side rather than extra slick.

Keep note that these lipsticks are softer than most other lipsticks, so keep them in a cool, dry place and be gentle with them.

So if you want something that will last hours upon hours and shades that are out of this world, then give them a shot!

Disclaimer: Some products shown in this post may have been provided by the said brand(s) for potential review or use. For more information, please read my DISCLOSURE.

I hope you guys enjoyed this incredibly long post! Which shades are your favorite from the bunch? Mine are Glamour 101, Centrifuschia, Coquette and Chinchilla. If there is a particular shade that you would like to see a look for, lemme know :)

I hope you all had a kick-ass weekend, and are staying warm!

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  1. I need centrifuschia, no she didn't and coquette in my kit now! Will definitely be doing some shopping soon! Thanks for the review! Have you tried obsessive compulsive cosmetics yet? I was curious about them, as well.

  2. I have airborne unicorn and I am in LOVE with it! Love the pinks and oranges too! The nude coquette is lush! May have to pick up some more...

    if i got ALL of those lippies in the post... oh my god. Greatest day of my life! haha a girl can dream...


  3. Shaking & crying with jealousy right now. Need styletto & coquette. GIMMEGIMMEGIMMEEEEEE.

    Quivering with anticipation to think of all the rad looks you're gonna blow us away with now that you've got all these incredible colors to play with.

  4. What fabulous colors! Have you done a look using Chinchilla? If not, I think I'd love to see how that could be incorporated! OH! And Mint to Be.. a tutorial with that one would be awesome as well.

    Great swatches, as always. Thanks for the post! ♥

  5. Wow the colours are totally crazy. Very cool.

  6. I love My Beautiful Rocket, Cosmopop, No She Didn't, and Mint To Be. Awesome swatches Ronnie!! I can't wait to get more of these lippies!

  7. Awesome review, thanks so much! Airborne Unicorn looks so badass hahaha.

  8. I wish I had a Lime Crime lipstick collection like yours! Chinchilla is my favourite.

  9. wow..those colors look great! I definitely didn't see them being that pretty when I went to their site, but I'm SO glad you swatched them because had I see them like this before, I definitely would have gave them a second look!

  10. Man... now I want those pinks and Cosmopop! They sure look beautiful on you!

  11. Wow, I think I need Glamor 101 in my life! And damn you ladies for showing all these Lime Crime things!! I mean, glittery unicorns?? Really?!? That's the name of my blog! I NEED some of this stuff! Definitely on my to do list now, lol!

  12. Centrifucshia, Countessa Fluorescent and Coquette are just to die for!! And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Chinchilla. Its unlike any colour i've ever seen for a lipstick! So jealous!!

  13. AH, you got the rainbow! I am utterly obsessed with Lime Crime, haha. I cannot wait to see all the amazing looks you do with these colors. Oh, and I lurrrrved your kaleidoscope look not too long ago (I'm a little behind on my blogs :/)!

  14. Some of the colors are so freaky. Hope to see looks.

  15. Great Swatches...I love their products :)

  16. I've never ordered from Lime Crime but you make me want all these lippies... I wish I had money! lol :( I want all the reds/pinks, the black, and Coquette! I've been searching for a perfect creamy nude color too and I must say, this one does look absolutely perfect. My lips are pigmented as well so I need really good coverage. Well I may end up trying Lime Crime lippies someday, if I save up enough moolah ;D Definitely want to see looks! You can start with Coquette! :)

  17. Hi Ronnie! Awesome swatches. I'd love to see looks for D'Lilac and Chinchilla, if you have time. :)

  18. i want it all!!

  19. I have Coquette and I was actually quite disappointed. My one wasn't peachy or pinky AT ALL. It was really brown-toned and it just didn't work on my skintone :(

  20. They have a chart that shows what colors work well on what skin tones.


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