Monday, January 16, 2012

Mila Kunis 2012 Golden Globes Inspired Look

Hi again, I hope you all had a great weekend! If you're like me, I mainly watch award shows to gawk at the gorgeous celebs, drool over the amazing gowns, and of course, admire and study their makeup!

There were many gorgeous looks this year, and I noticed that most of the female celebs leaned towards simple, natural, yet slightly dramatic looks. 

My favorite this year was hands down, Mila Kunis'. She never fails to look elegant and sophisticated...but what I love the most about her makeup, is that she always has an edgy feel to it. It's never just "simple". Her makeup artist, Tracey Levy for Dior said, "I was inspired by the dress to create a fresh, sophisticated look with a lot of sex appeal".

This year, she rocked a natural and soft eye with a twist - a dark, navy blue liner. I instantly fell in love with this look and immediately wanted to recreate it, with my own touches of course. I think this look is perfect for Valentine's day, or even a first date. It still has that sweet and innocent feel to it, but then the surprise blue liner gives it a fun and interesting spin.

Ahhh, her dress is stunning! WANT.

  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Light 10
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder in N4

  • Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette (Virgin on tear duct, Sin on lids, Naked and Buck on crease and lower lash line with a bit of Darkhorse)
  • Urban Decay Naked2 Palette (Pistol & Verve blended with Sin on lids, Foxy on brow bone)
  • Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner in Black
  • Wet N Wild Navy Blue shadow over black liner
  • Rimmel Soft Kohl Pencil in Pure White
  • Rimmel Extra Wow Mascara in Extreme Black
  • Halloween Lashes (forgot the name, sorry!)

  • NARS Blush in Amour
  • NYC Bronzer in Sunny

  • Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Born With It

Mila's makeup artist used all Dior products on her: 

Skin: Diorskin Nude Foundation #030 and #040 mixed with Diorskin Forever Foundation 030
Eyes: Dior 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow in Garden Pastels #441, Dior 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow in Navy Design #208 (along the lashline), Diorshow Iconic Extreme Mascara in Extreme Black
Lips: Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm and Dior Rouge Serum in Sweet Pink Crystal #645
Cheeks: Diorblush in Passion Fruit #533 and Dior Bronze Original Tan in Healthy Tan #001

I really hope you all liked my recreation of Mila's look. I know it isn't exactly the same, but I like to put my own twist on things :)

Who was YOUR favorite look on the red carpet at the 2012 Golden Globes?

Stay happy and healthy, and have an outstanding week!

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  1. OMG this is beautiful!!!! Very natural and that pop of navy really adds a nice punch to it!! (and you look great as a brunette!!)

  2. I adore the navy! I think I'm going to wear this on Valentine's day or my upcoming wedding anniversary. Thanks, my lovebug <3

  3. SO pretty!! Honestly, I think it looks better than Mila's look!! XD

  4. That is so beautiful, I love the way you made it your own! Navy is my favourite colour for eyes, I'll have to try this out soon

  5. So pretty! I always come back to admire your "floofy" thick lash roots :D

    A look to recreate, definitely.

    I also love your new (?) hair colour :)

  6. This definitely makes me want to use blue eyeliner again. I've stuck to black for so long I forget how awesome makeup can look when you venture out with colorful liners.

  7. Really great make-up! I love it! :D
    And you're such a beautiful girl!

  8. You nailed this look! Very pretty!

  9. So pretty, I loved Emma Stone's burgundy & silver look. I'm definitely trying to recreate that one today!

  10. That look is so gorgeous! Simple yet it has that little something extra. Love!

  11. Beautiful! So simple yet stunning!

  12. Classic with a kick - gorgeous :)

  13. Oh wow, you did a fantastic job recreating that!

  14. Such a great look! Love your recreation of it!

  15. mila kunis is soo pretty. you copied this well!

  16. This is such a beautiful look!!!

  17. Thank you, everyone! I'm really glad you guys like the look :D Godfrina, I'm wearing a wig ;)

  18. Wow, super pretty!

  19. What a stunning recreation of Mila's look! It's really quite lovely and simple to do, too.

  20. I love the blue liner with your eye color! She was my favorite of the night

  21. o___o Wow...wait...your hair...wait...what?

    On a makeup related note! Brilliant recreation. I love it. It's totally wearable and yet, as you said, dramatic.

  22. Thank you so much sweetie! And don't worry, it's just a wig! :D

  23. Like the look, love your twist :)

  24. Olá, passeando pela blogosfera, achei seu blog! Adorei ele e já virei seguidora! =]

    Te convido para conhecer meu blog tbm...

    Star Fashion!!!

    Sera ótimo se vc quiser seguir o meu tbm... =] hehe

    Te espero lá!!!!


  25. I love your make up looks.You are amazingly talented and creative :) Just the pictures are a bit too much photoshoped to my liking, but if makes you fell good it's your decision! :)

  26. Well, thanks! However, I do not photoshop my photos to make me "feel good". I do it to enhance the color and overall quality of the photo and give them a more professional look and feel.

  27. This is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I am in LOVE with this look...I think it'll be my everyday look since it's not really dramatic. And by the way, I like your creation a lot better than what Mila had on. :)

  28. I love your eye makeup! It's stunning!

  29. absolutley love it, such a great look !

  30. So beautiful!
    Love your recreation!


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