Monday, February 6, 2012

Mesmerizing Mirage - A Kiss My Sass Look & Review

Hello everyone, I hope you guys had a fun Super Bowl weekend! I was a little disappointed that the Patriots lost (we were in a Super Bowl pool and almost won $300, damn)! Oh well, everything happens for a reason, right?

Anyway, I created a look the other day using Kiss My Sass Cosmetics. I am so in love with these indie mineral makeup companies, I cannot get enough! I wanted to create something warm, summery and somewhat beachy and came up with this. I thought it would be nice to imagine being on a beautiful beach or oasis sippin' on a margarita....yum! I instantly thought of a desert oasis when I did this and I think it suits every skin and eye color!


  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Kiss My Sass Eyeshadow in Vegas (all over lids)
  • Kiss My Sass Eyeshadow in Sailor's Kiss and Poison Ivy (mixed to created teal shade)
  • Kiss My Sass Eyeshadow in Charcoal (to blend out crease)
  • Kiss My Sass Eyeshadow in Sandcastle (on brow bone)
  • Kiss My Sass Eyeshadow in Purple Poppy (to set pencil in waterline)
  • NYX Eyeshadow in Black (to create cut crease)
  • ELF Cream Liner in Black
  • ELF Eyeliner Pencil in Purple 
  • Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara in Black
  • Love & Beauty Lashes
  • ELF Blush in Candid Coral
  • Wet N Wild MegaLast Lip Color in Just Peachy
  • Kiss My Sass Eyeshadow in Vegas (for a little golden sheen)
  • ELF Glossy Gloss in Dragon Fruit


Keep on reading for swatches, review and product shots!


The ever so sweet Elizabeth from Kiss My Sass Cosmetics let me choose $15 worth of stuff over at and as you can see below, you can get quite a bit of goodies with 15 bucks! Since most of my looks are focused on the eyes, I went ahead and chose all eyeshadows, but they also offers lip and face products as well! The shadows are like most other mineral loose pigments I've tried; incredibly soft, smooth, pigmented and absolutely gorgeous. The colors are unique and fun...even the name of the company is right up my alley.  I love that you can order sample sizes to try out before actually purchasing the full sized shadow. She was also kind enough to include 2 samples of their Matte Eye Primers. They are buttery soft and creamy and would be ideal for someone with dry eyelids.
5g Jar w/ approx. 1 tsp (no sifter) - $5.00 USD

5g Jar w/ approx. 1/4 tsp (no sifter) - $2.00 USD

2" x 2" Bag with approx. 1/8 tsp - $1.00 USD 

Swatched over UDPP

Sandcastle is a smooth, matte cream/ivory shade that's perfect for highlighting.
 Coma White is a silky white with a pink/purple shimmer.
Piercing Parlor is a gorgeous silver with a metallic sheen. One of my faves!
Charcoal suits it's name well; a dark matte gray and it's perfect for smoky eyes!
Vegas is a bright sparkling gold, and is simply orgasmic. I have a weakness for gold pigments!
Purple Poppy is a beautiful shimmery magenta/purple that screams spring time.
 Reign Over Me is a blue based purple with a turquoise sheen and pink sparkles. Photos do NOT do this shade justice, one of the prettiest colors I've seen in a long time.
Sailor's Kiss is a super pretty vibrant blue with gold flecks that is reminiscent on the sea.
  Poison Ivy is a stunning vibrant green with gold & copper sheen. Simply beautiful.
Alternate packaging (Coma White and Charcoal came with this design).

Matte Eye Primer Size:
10g in a 10g Jar - $7.00 USD

5g in a 5g Jar - $4.00 USD

1g in a 5g Jar - $2.00 USD 

Ivory Matte Eye Primer is a nearly translucent light ivory/yellow, They yellow undertone cancels out any redness around the eye area.
White Matte Eye Primer is a nearly translucent white that helps intensify any shade.
Disclaimer: Some products shown in this post may have been provided by the said brand(s) for potential review or use. For more information, please read my DISCLOSURE. 

Overall, I am very satisfied with Kiss My Sass and I think you guys will be too! They have SUCH amazingly pretty colors, and I am planning a purchase very soon. Be sure to check them out at, have a look around and prepare to drool over the gorgeousness going on over there! If you do end up getting something, let me know what you get, I need some ideas, haha!

Stay happy, healthy and beautiful, and I will see you all very soon. I hope you all liked the look and review :)

Take care!

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  1. Beautifiul make up. 

  2. Man, I can totally see why all these companies are always knocking down your door to collaborate with you. Your looks are always the best advertising money can buy. I always want to max out my credit card after you feature new looks/products. Bad Ronnie, bad!

    On a semi unrelated note, this is a very interesting color combination you've dreamed up. I've been around the block in makeup world and not yet come across a color combo like this. You are just one in a million, lady.

  3.  that´s gorgeous... i loooove the colours... ♥

  4. Wow you are amazing!!

  5. ahh, the blue fits you so well :)

  6. This is such a unique look, I just love it!  I'm always a fan of a different color on the lower lashline!  Your liner is such perfection it's insane!  

  7. I am absolutely in love with this look, especially the teal on the lower lashline. That purple is such a pretty shade and looks amazing against the teal and yellow! I'm so trying this out, hopefully it's half as amazing as yours!

  8. What a beautiful look! That shade of gold is gorgeous and looks amazing with that teal. You've chosen some great colours from Kiss My Sass. I can't wait to give them a go, too. 

  9. Gorgeous! Such a lovely look! :)

  10. I love this look a lot.  I'm very impressed by the color payout of these shadows and just may check them out because of it.  I'm very excited by the Poison Ivy color! 

    On a bit of a side note, in the reviews of the individual colors you listed "Coma White" as "Come White."  While I'm not usually nit picky on grammar, etc on makes the shadow seem a bit *cough* umm.....risque?  I just thought I'd point it out.  :)

  11. Aw, thanks, Amber! Poison Ivy is so gorgeous.

    Oh my god, LOL thank you for catching that! I'll try to keep my blog PG-13 from now on, haha! Good eye. 

  12. Thank you Ailah! Let me know if you do recreate it, I'd love to see your take on it :D

  13. Thank you, Sonja! I <3 you!

  14. Omgsh, Meredith...that is insanely sweet....fanx :3 I try to think outside the box and do my best to stand out of the crowd just a bit :)

  15. Aside from the makeup, which is always beautiful, you have the most gorgeous honey-golden eyes ever

  16. I love your looks! U always come up with the prettiest ideas. I visit your page everyday to check if you've posted a new look, I just can'thelp but to be inspired by your great talent :)

  17. this look is beautiful, love the yellow

  18. I've never tried that brand, but from the pictures, they look great!



  19. i haven't seen a look by you that i didn't LOVE.  you continue to blow me away :D

  20. gorgeous eye makeup!!! really nice!

  21. just wonderful, love it ♥

  22. I love this look! very original ^^


  23. I was wondering, are the shades that have less product in them samples? There seems to be a huge difference in the amounts.

  24. I've seen this website but had not seen many swatches on it- this helps! love the look!

  25. Great review! Please do another look using these! Especially "Reign over me" :]

  26. So, when I first came onto the site I only saw the top portion of your look and while I was impressed It was pretty seen-it-before-y. Then the beautiful pop of color underneath? It's like I saw the look in a whole new light! Love love love!

  27. This make up look is so beautiful! I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for sharing!


  28. OMG so Gorgeous!! That Gold is very pretty!!!

  29. Awesome look and review darlin!!! <3

  30. THese colors are so fun together.... i would never have thought...

  31. WOWZA!!!! Stunning look..too pretty for words! The detail in the eyes is phenomenal, and the lip/cheek combo really compliments nicely. Beautiful job! <3

  32. That look is amazing, the color combination goes well together!

    Lisa <3

  33.  Sample Jars come with 1/4 tsp of product and full size jars come with 1 tsp of product.

  34.  very original !

    - Ala


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