Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Review and Swatches - Makeup Geek Lipsticks

Hello, everyone! Hope you're all doing spectacular. I'm here today with a review (and swatches, of course) of the new Makeup Geek lipsticks! I was very excited to try these out after seeing Marlena talk about them on YouTube, and reading many stellar reviews from some of my favorite bloggers. As you might already know, I am a big lover of their eyeshadows, so if you wanna know if I feel the same way about the MUG lipsticks, then keep on reading to find out!

 Let's start off by stating that Makeup Geek's lipsticks are cruelty-free. They do not test on animals.They are also gluten-free. Yay! These lipsticks are unbelievably smooth, creamy and highly pigmented. They sort of have a lip-balm-like feeling to them. My lips have a tendency to be dry, and they loved to be slathered with these lipsticks; definitely hydrating and comfortable enough to wear all day long. They last a while too. I went about 6 hours or so without having to re-apply. Since the actual product is very soft, they have a tendency to break. So if you want to be super safe, I suggest applying them with a lip brush, or even storing them in the refrigerator (my mom used to do that with her lipsticks!). The packaging is sleek, sophisticated, and very well made. They look a lot more expensive than they really are. I like that you can see the lipstick colors through the clear top lid. Nice touch! The only thing I cannot stand about them is the scent. They smell very perfume-y, sort of like a baby wipe scent. It really isn't a huge deal though, because the smell is only present while applying and it fades away in a few minutes.

Click to enlarge:

From left to right: Foxy, Lovely, Shy, Innocent. 

 FOXY: A warm, hot pinkish-red. Satin/Gloss.

LOVELY: A soft, warm nude pinkish-peach. Satin.

SHY:  A sweet, nude pale pink. Satin/Gloss.

INNOCENT: A warm, nude peach. Satin/Gloss.

From left to right: Famous, Adorable, Captivating, Delightful, Ravishing.

FAMOUS: A bright and fun magenta purple. High Gloss.

ADORABLE: A soft, creamy pink. Satin/Gloss.

CAPTIVATING: A bright, warm orange. Shimmer.

 DELIGHTFUL: A true, warm pink with peach undertones. Satin/Gloss.

RAVISHING: A bright red with pink undertones. Matte.

Image of packaging from

Each lipstick tube comes individually packaged and are priced at $7.99 USD a pop. Each one weighs in at 4 grams/ 0.14 oz. You get a good amount of product for a small price, all without sacrificing quality. They ship worldwide. If you want to check them out, visit their website strore at:

DISCLAIMER: Some or all products shown in this post may have been provided by the said brand(s) for potential review or use. For more information, please read my DISCLOSURE.

So there you have it! I really hope that you all enjoyed the review and swatches and that you found it helpful in some way. I highly recommend these awesome lipsticks. Their quality is really outstanding, and you just cannot beat that price! My personal favorites that I own are Foxy, Delightful, Famous and Captivating. SO MUCH LOVE. Which ones are your faves?

Enjoy the rest of the week, and stay happy, healthy and beautiful!

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  1. Those look pretty! I really like Foxy and Delightful.

  2. captivating and delightful are my favorites! Thanks for your post. LOVE you website. Best makeup artist ever. Big fan!

  3. lovely post. em loving adorable soft pink <3

  4. i've got 3 colours and im totally in love with them :)

  5. They look amazing! My faves are Foxy and Lovely. I think soon I should place a big order on their website :D

  6. These look gorgeous! Such pretty colours and so creamy!

  7. Yup. I certainly enjoyed all the swatches. This looks like a fun brand to try. I like the colors.

  8. I love these too! I have 3, and it's amazing how comparable to MAC lipsticks they are!

  9. Great swatches, so many pretty colours to choose from!

  10. i love makeup geek! she's a great makeup guru. these all look so pretty.

  11. Courtney PedersenJuly 14, 2012 at 9:08 AM

    I think I'm in love with Delightful

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