Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Exciting Announcement - SUPER NOVA, my very own Glamour Doll Eyes eyeshadow!

Hi guys and dolls! I have been waiting very patiently to tell you all about this. As some of you might remember, I had mentioned a few weeks back about an amazing surprise that I wasn't allowed to talk about - until today! (This is a long post, so prepare yourselves!)

Back in April, I got an email from Glamour Doll Eyes. They invited me and nine other beauty bloggers/vloggers to create our own eyeshadows for their upcoming Blogger Collection (which will also be part of their permanent line)! How I could I refuse that?! I immediately said yes. Needless to say, I was ecstatic! I love the brand and I have always wanted to create my own eyeshadow ever since I can remember.They gave us complete freedom to create what we wanted. Of course, I wanted to create something that I would wear often, and something the reflects my personality and who I am as a person.

These are the promo cards featuring myself with the other lovely bloggers/vloggers!

If you don't already know, I have a thing for the dark and bizarre, but at the same time, I love sparkles, glitter and rainbows. I'm also passionate about our universe and how we are one with it (I even have a tattoo that reads "we are all made of stardust" in Latin). So I put my thinking cap on, and came up with my shade, SUPER NOVA. A supernova is a star that suddenly increases greatly in brightness because of a catastrophic explosion that ejects most of its mass. It's also incredibly beautiful, and one of the most powerful forces in outer space:

Here is a look I created featuring Super Nova, along with other lovely Glamour Doll Eyes shadows!

  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder in N4

  • Glamour Doll Eyes Primer
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean as a base
  • Glamour Doll Eyes Foil Me
  • Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadow in Super Nova on lids
  • Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadow in Glam Girl on crease on outer lower lids
  • Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadow in Pinky Swear to blend out Glam Girl
  • Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadow in Recruit on inner lower lid
  • Glamour Doll Eyes Glitter in Techno over Recruit
  • Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadow in Ancestry on tear duct and brow bone
  • Wet N Wild Liquid Liner in Black
  • Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara
  • Faux Lashes in Sasha

  • NARS Blush in Amour
  • Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadow in Ancestry as a highlight

  • ELF Lipstick in Seductive
  • Lime Crime Lipstick in Coquette


Super Nova is a deep, matte black with multi-colored shimmer (aqua, green, purple, red and silver). The matte black base makes the glitter sparkle like crazy, and it resembles a galaxy. It's smooth, pigmented and rich, especially over a dark base. I am so happy with the turnout of my shade, and my friends and family love it as well. I can't stop staring at it! Since this shadow has lots of sparkle, it's definitely a shadow you want to pat on with a sticky base (like GDE's Foil Me, or Lime Crime's Eyeshadow Helper) to see it's full, gorgeous potential. 

Glamour Doll Eyes sent me a few extras of Super Nova to giveaway, so be on the look out for that!

I really hope you all love my shadow as much as I do, and that you enjoyed the look and swatches as well! If you are interested in purchasing Super Nova, or any other shade(s) in the collection, they will be available July 10th, 2012 over at glamourdolleyes.com

Check GDE's Facebook and Instagram for up-close photos of all the shades in the collection; they will be posting all them over the next two weeks.

I would like to thank Glamour Doll Eyes for this amazing, and once in a lifetime opportunity. You guys had the option to pick many other bloggers out there instead of little ol' me, so I am extremely honored and proud to be a part of this! I'm ecstatic to be immortalized into an eyeshadow! 

I hope you guys are doing well and are enjoying your summer (or winter) so far! Take care, and I'll see you all soon!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brilliant Bride

Love is in the air, and it's that time of year again; bridal season. Whether you're a blushing-bride-to-be, a bridesmaid, or just someone that wants a sweet, romantic look with a bit of an edge, then this look is for you! I used colors that are flattering on every skin and eye color, and I will share some tips and tricks for keeping your makeup smudge/sweat/humidity and especially cry-proof on your special day. You can easily tone this look up or down depending on your taste. For the modern bride that's not afraid to be daring, I added a line of metallic silver liner. All eyes will be on you!

The key to flawless wedding makeup is to keep it cry, sweat, and waterproof. I suggest staying away from any face products that contain SPF because it is reflective in flash photography, leaving you ghost-faced in photos.

Prep your face with your favorite primer (I like L'Oreal's Studio Secrets Face Primer ), and follow with a photo-friendly foundation like Makeup Forever's HD Foundation. It gives your skin a nice, soft-focus effect without looking like a wedding cake (let's save that for the reception, shall we?).  If you have oily skin like me, try using a very thin layer of Milk of Magnesia on your t-zone and chin to prevent oil from taking over your face. This stuff is magical! Next, follow with a concealer that isn't dry or greasy, but creamy, if needed. Make sure that it closely matches your skin tone as well. Top it all off with a loose translucent powder to set everything in place. Finally, really lock everything into place with a finishing spray such as Urban Decay's De-Slick. This resists humidity, smudging, sweat and yes, even tears.

For the eyes, use a water-proof eyeshadow primer (Lime Crime's Eyeshadow Helper works wonders) to prep your lids for eyeshadow. Apply your shadows as you please, and finish everything off with waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Tie everything together with your favorite flirty lashes and get ready to walk down the aisle!

  • L'Oreal Studio Secrets Face Prime
  • Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in #115
  • Milani HD Advance Concealer in Light
  • ELF HD Powder in Translucent

  • Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
  • MUG Eyeshadow in Shimma Shimma on inner half of lids and brow bone
  • MUG Eyeshadow in Moondust and Sensuous on outer half
  • MUG Eyeshadow in Corrupt on outer corners and crease
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Virgin on tearducts
  • Bobbi Brown Gel Liner
  • Wet N Wild Metallic Silver Liner
  • Rimmel Soft Kohl Pencil in Pure White on waterline set with a matte cream shadow
  • Cover Girl Lash Blast Water-Proof Mascara in Very Black
  • Velour Minx Lashes in Oops! Naughty Me

  • NARS Blush in Amour
  • Sigma Highlighting Blush in Lumiere

  • MUG Lipstick in Delightful 

Now you are all set and ready to look flawlessly gorgeous on your big day! If you follow the tips I've given, you should have no problem with your makeup melting away. Put on your something borrowed, something new, something used and something blue, and walk down that aisle with grace and confidence. Good luck, and many well wishes on your wedding day!

I hope you all enjoyed this look; I thought I'd take a (quick) break from bold and colorful looks and cleanse your palette with something much softer. I've been in a creative rut as well, blah.

Also, I have another Makeup Geek review coming up with more eyeshadows and a few of their lipsticks! I can't wait to show you guys, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Have a fantastic week, and take care!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lime Crime UniLiners Collection Review/Swatches and a GIVEAWAY!

Hello, guys and gals! I have a super exciting post for you guys today. Not only am I reviewing Lime Crime's brand new eyeliner collection, but I am giving away a set of the collection to one lucky reader! WOO!

If you are familiar with Lime Crime, you know that this indie makeup company is not for the shy. I am a fan of their crazy and unique colors, and of course the wonderfully cute packaging. Lime Crime has done it again with their newest collection of colorful eyeliners, properly named "Unliners" (Get it? Like Unicorns!). Lime Crime was once again super kind and generous to me and they sent me the collection to try out, and I cannot wait to show you all these babies!

Photo courtesy of limecrimemakeup.com

There are seven gorgeous shades in the collection to choose from, and they are priced at $13.99 each (1.3ml, 0.04oz), or you can own the entire collection for $73.99 (a $24.01 savings). Also, they are vegan and cruelty-free which is a huge plus in my book!

In true Lime Crime fashion, the packaging is sleek, whimsical, well made, and all kinds of adorable. I will definitely have these displayed on my vanity and smile every time I see them.

I was very impressed with the actual product itself. I was not expecting these to be as opaque and pigmented as they are (this is LC we're talking about though, they are known for their intense pigmentation...silly me!). I swatched all seven liners on my hand without any primer or base and they lasted for several hours and did not fade away. They are not necessarily water-proof, but are definitely smudge-proof. They survived the grueling task of dish washing, though! They are smooth, creamy and they do not irritate my sensitive skin.

I love the applicator of these liners. It's a medium-length brush tip that helps create a thin, sleek line effortlessly. If you're not very experienced with liquid liners with a brush tip, you might have a bit of trouble with these, but there's nothing a little practice can't solve.

I'm in love with the colors of this collection! Most are unique, and unlike any other liquid liners I have ever seen before. I'd love to see some glitter liners from Lime Crime in the future to pair with these magical uniliners.


QUILL: "Glossy black. The darkest black you've ever experienced!"
-That is a fact! This patent-leather black is the darkest black liner I have ever used, ever! A new staple in my makeup collection. It's super sexy, and reminds me of a killer stiletto heel.

6TH ELEMENT: "Vivid 'Fanta' orange, Leeloo would be proud! Enhances blue and grey eyes. Matte finish."
-This is a beautiful mandarin orange shade that makes my mouth water. It definitely looks just like Leeloo's hair in the 5th Element movie! It has a thinner consistency than the others, so you will need two coats to get it as opaque as the other shades.

CITREUSE: "Bright, nearly neon chartreuse. Matte finish."
-Um, can you say, "Wow"? This by far, one of the most unique colors I have seen in makeup lately. I'm in love with neons at the moment, so this was instantly a favorite for me. I love the yellow-green shade and the matte finish as well. (I used this liner in my Charming Chartreuse look)!

LAZULI: "Bright blue that leans slightly purple, inspired by lapis lazuli. Enhances brown eyes. Matte finish."
-I almost fainted when I swatched this. IT'S SO PRETTY AND BRIGHT. I have been dying for a liquid liner version of my beloved GDE shadow in Mingles, and my prayers have been answered. This color makes my eye color pop like crazy.

ORCHIDACEOUS: "Bright violet-purple. Matte finish."
-A lovely, rich violet that is described as matte, but has a very slight and subtle silver shimmer in the tube. It has the same consistency as 6th Element, and two layers were needed as well to get it super opaque.

BLUE MILK: "Pale sky-blue. Matte finish."
-This color reminds of me those candy coated almonds that you get during Easter. It's creamy as heck, and ridiculously opaque. This would look insane on deeper skin tones!

LUNAR SEA: "Pure, matte white."
-Possibly the most opaque of the bunch, and the mattest (is that even a word?). It's smooth and creamy, and it's like the makeup version of White-Out. Love.

Disclaimer: Some products shown in this post may have been provided by the said brand(s) for potential review or use. For more information, please read my DISCLOSURE.
Lime Crime accidentally sent me two sets of their liquid liner collection, so what better way to fix this mistake than to host a giveaway and give you a chance to win these awesome liners! All you need to do is fill out the giveaway form below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you guys enjoyed this review, and I especially hope that you are all doing well! If you are looking for some crazy liner colors that you cannot find anywhere else, well these were made for you!
Oh, and if you enter the giveaway, please make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully and thoroughly, and most importantly, GOOD LUCK!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Charming Chartreuse

Did you know that Chartreuse is the most visible color to the human eye? Did you know that yellows and greens contrast beautifully with blues and purples? Yes? No? Are those enough questions for you? Alright. I created a look for you guys that uses opposite colors of the spectrum without making them clash and yes, it is possible...it's all about the liner! 

I recently got a package from Lime Crime that contained their wonderful liquid liners (review coming this week!), and my favorite of the bunch is a lovely neon yellow-green color named Citreuse. It's so beautiful and unique and I just HAD to use it in this look (it originally only had black liner, but I am so glad I decided to throw in the neon liner). It takes any look to the next level, and it's definitely not for the faint of heart.

  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff 
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder in N4
  • ELF HD Powder

  • NYX Eyeshadow Base
  • Glamour Doll Eyes "Foil Me"
  • Kiss My Sass Eyeshadow in Purple Poppy on inner half of lids
  • Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadow in Glam Girl on outer half of lids
  • Glamour Doll Eye Lights in Rave and Ditzy over Glam Girl
  • Sigma Eyeshadow in Seine blended into Glam Girl
  • MakeupGeek Eyeshadow in Corrupt to darken crease and outer corners
  • MakeupGeek Eyeshadow in Mango Tango to blend out crease color
  • Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadow in Ancestry on tear duct and brow bone
  • Wet N Wild Liquid Liner in Black
  • Lime Crime Liquid Uniliner in Citreuse
  • Maybelline One By One Mascara in Blackest Black
  • Faux Lashes in Sasha

  • Sigma Blush in Peche
  • Sigma Highlighting Blush in Lumiere

  • MakeupGeek Lipstick in Delightful
DISCLAIMER: Some products shown in this post may have been provided by the said brand(s) for potential review or use. For more information, please read my DISCLOSURE.

So what do you think? Awesome liner, right? I have a review coming up on the entire collection of Uniliners some time this week, so be on the lookout for that. They are seriously awesome!

I hope you guys had a great weekend and that you're all well and happy. I've had a tough few days dealing with life stuff, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Just gotta keep on keeping on...

Take care, and I'll see you all soon!