Sunday, August 26, 2012

DIY Ombre for Light Hair

Hello, lovely readers! Here is the much requested step-by-step tutorial on how I achieve my ombre hair at home, for a fraction of the cost of getting it done at a salon. Just a heads up, this will be a long and picture heavy post....brace yourselves!

I know there are TONS of DIY ombre hair tutorials out there, but I have noticed a lack of tutorials for people that already have light hair (when I say light, I mean light-brown to light-blonde locks). So please keep in mind that this is meant for light hair!

In just a few easy steps, you too can have the ever trendy and stylish ombre hair look for much less than a salon, and in a jiffy, too. Let's get to it!
Before photo is 2-3 month old ombre with lots of brassiness and regrowth. Results will vary!
A little back story on my hair: My natural hair is of medium thickness, straight and is a medium, golden chestnut color; almost auburn but more on the golden side. In other words, I have a LOT of red undertones in my hair which makes it a pain in the ass to go lighter. I tend to go brassy quick, unless I use a purple shampoo to help tone it. I will go more into details about hair under-tones below.

  • 1-2 boxes of hair dye (depending on your hair length) that is 1-3 shades darker than the ends of your hair, depending on how subtle or bold you want the gradient to be
  • 1 box of extra-light blonde hair dye (this is optional, I just wanted my ends to be lighter than before)
  • Plastic mixing bowl
  • Tint brush
  • Clean toothbrush (optional)
  • Plastic hair clips
  • Plastic or latex gloves
  • Old T-shirt
  • Timer
TIP: Before applying hair dye, make sure to always do an allergy test 24-48 hours on your skin to make sure your body is cool with it. If so, then carry on!

Before I head in with the step-by step photos, let me explain how to choose the best color for your hair. 

Have you ever wandered down the hair-dye aisle at the drugstore and have been overwhelmed with the options? Ever have the words GOLDEN and ASH leaving question marks over your head? Well, let me help you figure it out, and help you choose the best tone for your hair!

This is where the handy-dandy color wheel comes into the picture. It's simple; if you want to counter-act a certain shade or under-tone in your hair, you need to get the opposite of what you currently have. For example, in my situation, I tend to go very brassy (orangey/red) due to the golden-red undertones of my hair. So I would need a dye that has blue or blue-violet base (drug store dyes that are labeled "Beige" or "Champagne" work best for me). If you have strong red undertones, opt for a green based dye, also known as "Ash" and is sometimes labeled as "Cool". If you have very ashy or "dirty" hair and want to liven it up, go for a "Golden" or "Warm" shade. Some dyes are marked as "Natural", or "Neutral". These are always good for when you aren't quite too sure on what to get, or if you are satisfied with the current under-tone of your hair and don't want to change it.

The shade on the left is the one I used on the top of my head (roots to bottom of ears). The shade on the right was used on my ends.

A mixing bowl and tint brush are crucial supplies for DIY ombre hair. It makes it SO easy!

Please make sure that you do this in a WELL VENTILATED AREA. Hair dye fumes are very strong, and can cause you to pass out. Safety first, guys!

Now that you've got everything you need, let's get this party started!

Start off with brushed, dirty hair. The natural oils in your scalp protect your head from the harsh chemicals in the dye. Four for you, Mother Nature! Also, make sure you put on a shirt that you don't mind ruining.

Section your hair right above your ears. Securely clip the rest to the top of your head using plastic hair clips. As you can see in this photo, I have a considerable amount of re-growth going on.

If you are doing the optional step of lightening the ends of you hair, then go ahead and put on the provided gloves and mix bottles A and B thoroughly. If you just want to do the top of your head, then skip to Step 5.

Begin applying the blonde dye to the ends of your hair. Work the product up with your fingers and blend to create a seamless look. No one wants a blunt looking ombre! You can also use the tint brush or a clean toothbrush to help with the blending. You should have the most product on the ends, and the least towards the top of where you want the color to stop. The key to really great looking ombre hair is to keep it looking organic. There is no need to be perfect. (P.S., GO-GO POWER RANGERS!)

Continue to work your way around your head, focusing on the pieces around your face. You can do as few or as many blonde pieces as you'd like. Not only will it frame your face, but it'll help brighten up your complexion as well!

Repeat Step 3 with the darker color that will be applied to the top of your head and make sure that your utensils are clean of any previous dye. Also remember to put on a fresh pair of gloves! Go ahead and section your hair where you would like to start the color gradient. Start at the roots, and work your way down. I like to go a bit passed my ears, but you can stop before or after that. Use either your fingers or your brush to blend the product down to avoid harsh lines.

Work your way from the bottom of your head to the top and front. Remember, apply to the roots first and blend down!

After you've applied the dye all over your head, blend everything one more time with your brush and/or fingers to make sure everything is well distributed. If you see any spots that you've missed, now is the time to fix it.

After all the dye is applied, you should let it develop anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Everyone's hair is different, so times will vary. I usually leave mine in for 10-15 minutes to keep it from getting too dark. I wrap my hair in a plastic bag to speed up the process. If you lightened your ends like I did, keep a close eye on those, since they were applied several minutes before the top and are most likely done, or close to being done at this point. If they seem done, go ahead and rinse and condition those while the top of your head is still developing.

When it comes time to rinse the dark shade on top of your head, shampoo as you normally do until the water runs clear. You want to definitely apply a generous amount of a deep conditioner of your choice for several minutes, or use the one that was provided with the box dye - they work great, too!

After all is said and done, you should have gorgeous ombre hair that took hardly any time and effort and left your wallet happy! I have been doing this method for a long time now, and it never fails. I get tons of compliments on my hair, too!

See the difference? Subtle gradient effect, and no more brassiness! YAY!

Total Cost (including supplies): $20.85!

I hope this step-by-step tutorial was helpful and useful to you! If you decide to try this out, please let me know! I'd love to see your results. I absolutely LOVE ombre hair and it's just so perfect for me. Not only is it very low maintenance, but you get the best of both worlds - blonde and brunette! 

Good luck, and thanks for reading this insanely long post. Love you guys, and see you all soon!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sinful Sapphire

I don't know about you, but I'm not much of a diamond gal. Sure, they're gorgeous, but they're just so...plain. I would much rather have a jewelry box full of colorful semi-precious gemstones.

Besides my birthstone Amethyst, Sapphire is my second favorite gemstone (I also LOVE Opal). The deep, blue color is so intense and mystifying and full of depth. Many people don't know this, but sapphires come in many different colors, including purple, pink and even red. So I decided to create a look inspired by this lovely stone!

  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff and Sand Beige
  • Make Up For Ever Duo Mat Powder Foundation in # 200 - Opalescent Beige

  • BFTE Eye and Lip Primer
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean as a base all over lids
  • Sigma Eyeshadow in Seine all over top lid and on outer/lower lids
  • Sigma Eyeshadow in Eiffel to deepen Seine
  • Sigma Eyeshadow in Elysees to blend out Seine, also applied on lower lids
  • Sigmas Eyeshadow in Notre Dame
  • Sigma Eyeshadow in Versailles on brow-bone and tear-duct
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Chopper to blend out Elysees
  • Wet N Wild Liquid Eyeliner in Black
  • Maybelline Eyeliner Pencil in Navy Blue with Seine patted on top

  • NYX Bronzer in Sunny
  • Sigma Blush in Peche
  • Sigma Highlighter in Lumiere

  • Lime Crime Lipstick in Coquette
  • Manic Panic Lipgloss in Naked
MINI REVIEW: These long and intense lashes are not only gorgeous, but they add tons of drama and length without being too over-the top. The V-shaped hairs add a fun a whimsical feel. They are SO lightweight and comfortable to wear, too.

DISCLAIMER: Some or all products shown in this post may have been provided by the said brand(s) for potential review or use. For more information, please read my DISCLOSURE.
I hope you enjoyed this look and will hopefully try it out! If you have light brown eyes like me, then you must try it. They will POP.

Have a great week, loves! See you all again soon!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lucid Love

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a kick-ass weekend!

 Today I thought I'd share with you a more toned down and wearable way to wear color on your eyes without losing that sense of drama. You can surely do this with any color of the rainbow; I just really love the way blue looks against my eye color (and I really wanted an excuse to use my favorite blue ever, Mingles from Glamour Doll Eyes)! If you gave green eyes, rock purple in your water-line. If you have blue eyes, try gold or bright yellow!

This is a simple, yet slightly dramatic look that looks good on anyone and can be easily achieved without spending too much time and effort in front of the mirror.

  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff and Sand Beige
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder in N4

  • BFTE Eye & Lip Primer
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Bootycall on inner third of top lids and brow bone
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Virgin on tear-duct
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow in YDK on outer corners, blended with Bootycall
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Busted on outer corners, crease and lower lash-line
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Blackout to darken corners and crease
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Chopper and Half Baked to warm up crease and lower lid areas
  • Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner in Onyx, set and smudged with  Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Blackout
  • Maybelline Eyeliner in Navy Blue on water-line
  • Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadow in Mingles patted on water-line

  • Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blush in Spicy and Sweet
  • NYC Bronzer in Sunny to contour

  • MAC Lipstick in Vegas Volt

MINI REVIEW: The Alexia lashes are the perfect balance of volume, length, and drama. They are super well-made, soft to the touch, and do not feel heavy on the eyes. Definitely vixen worthy! 

The Individual lashes are really versatile, and come in two styles on three lengths. You can totally take these from day to night by simply adding more lashes. The best thing about these is that they weigh basically nothing, so it's like wearing nothing at all!

DISCLAIMER: Some or all products shown in this post may have been provided by the said brand(s) for potential review or use. For more information, please read my DISCLOSURE.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this look and that you will possibly try it out! It's simple and highly customizable, yet super fun. I'm on a blue kick right now (Picasso, anyone? Psh, I wish), so my next look will be a super dark and dramatic look using blues, I'm excited to show you all!

Keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming reviews as well :)

Take care, and see you next time!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wild Wonders

Hello, lovelies! I am back after a short vacation break...I sure have missed you guys and playing with makeup! So let's jump right back in, shall we?

I wanted to play around with some new BFTE shadows that I won from a Makeupbee bridal competition (I was the winning look, too, yay!) and I came up with this fun and whimsical eye look. I usually have looks planned out on a face chart, so this was a completely impromptu makeup look and I was totally pleased with the turnout! I am falling more and more in love with shadows like BFTE and Glamour Doll Eyes. These indie companies are totally winning me over!

  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff #150
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder in N4

  • BFTE Eye & Lip Primer
  • BFTE Eyeshadow in Beautiful all over lid, brow bone and tear duct
  • MUG Eyeshadow in Corrupt to cut crease
  • BFTE Eyeshadow in Big Ego above black and blended out, also on outer/lower lash line
  • BFTE Pro Eyeshadow in Meissa above purple and blended out, also on lower/middle lash line
  • BFTE Eyeshadow in Envy on inner/lower lash line 
  • Wet n Wild Liquid Liner in Black
  • Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara 
  • Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner in Onyx
  • NARS Blush in Amour
  • BFTE Eyeshadow in Beautiful as highlight

  • Manic Panic High Voltage Lip Gloss in Naked and Power of Love (review coming soon!)

  • FAUX Lashes in Violet Noir. Mini Review: How fun are these funky lashes? If you know anything about me, you know that a love things that are a bit out there, and these lashes do just that without going overboard. They are full, luscious and aren't heavy on my eyes at all. They have a thicker band, but it doesn't bother me one bit. Who could ignore the pop of purple lashes in these? They are awesome, and totally rock-star worthy!

DISCLAIMER: Some or all products shown in this post may have been provided by the said brand(s) for potential review or use. For more information, please read my DISCLOSURE.

I hope you guys enjoyed this look! I really didn't want to wash it off, and I am so freakin' in love with those lashes, guys. I am thisclose to permanently gluing them on my eyes! 

I missed you guys a ton, and I hope you all are happy, healthy and are enjoying the summer (or winter), where ever you are.

I have a few new looks coming up, along with some reviews. Oh, and I'm possibly even going to start a new series...we shall see :) Also, let me know if you are interested in seeing a swatch post of the BFTE eyeshadows that I won from the competition.

Take care!