Monday, October 7, 2013

Beauty Blogger of the Month - October

Hey dolls! Happy October! Welcome to this month's installment of my blogger of the month series. If you aren't familiar, each month I will showcase a favorite artist of mine featuring an exclusive interview, a gallery of my favorite looks of said artist, and a makeup challenge look that the artist creates just for Bows and Curtseys inspired by an image chosen by yours truly! 

I am so excited to share this month's artist with you guys! I am sure you have seen her intricate and perfectly executed looks floating around the web. I've seen her looks on Tumblr, Reddit, Buzzfeed, Pinterest, Instagram, you name it, her incredible looks are there. If you haven't, well, you are definitely in for a treat! Her name is Kristy, better known as Kiki, and she has been a huge inspiration of mine ever since I stumbled upon her amazing creations one day. She is known for her extremely creative looks and her fine attention to detail. I literally want to frame some of her artwork, it's that beautiful. I am always left in complete awe by this girl's talent, and you should hold on to your seats, because you're about to be blown away!

I chose this image of a Tesla plasma ball because I have always been fascinated by them. I remember my aunt having one and I could not keep my hands off of it! Also, I thought it would be an interesting look for Kiki to recreate via makeup. Of course, I was not disappointed!

Um, are you kidding me? I've never wanted to marry an eyeball so bad in my 27 years. Unf!

Please introduce yourself!
I'm Kirsty, but please call me Kiki ^_^
I'm a small town girl with a big heart and equally big dreams. I'm a bit of an oddling... But if you've seen my strange creations and interests... You'd already know that. 

Why did you start posting your work online? 
It's an exciting notion having people critique your creations. Most people were kind thankfully, I don't think I'd be where I am today without everyone's encouragement. 

What are the best and worst things about sharing your work with the world?
The sweet as hell people I have come to know! Occasionally I will receive a really heartfelt email or comment. To inspire and help someone let their dreams take flight is more than rewarding. Because without realising it, thats what all of my wonderful friends and followers have done for me. 
Also... When I find that people have gotten tattoos of my work, that's just mind blowing. As for the worst, there's always going to be an asshole out there wanting to bring me down to their level, I don't retaliate to negativity, I simply block and move on. 

What do you do when you aren't posting your makeup art online?
I feel that I constantly have to be doing something creative or productive. Whether its researching and developing my knowledge of the spirit world, collecting crystals, reading about medieval fantasies, meeting my pixelated friends in a virtual land, slaying dragons, training my dogs, drawing, photography, working out, cooking, etc. I simply cannot stop. 

What do you think is your best work?
I change my mind about this CONSTANTLY! Over time a lot of my work seems a little dated to me, I'll look back and think, 'why the hell did you do that with your eyebrows' or 'ugh, frosty colours in the crease?!'. I'm very critical of my own creations.. Evidently, haha. But my absolute favourite would have to be the one in which I was inspired by Tim Burtons The Nightmare Before Christmas. I look back at it and can't actually remember how I managed to add so much detail to such a tiny area. I must have been in the zone!

What makeup or beauty product(s) can you not live without?
That's an impossibility! But if I were only allowed to leave my house with one item it'd be a good lick of BB cream. 

What was your biggest beauty faux pas?
Ok, I have a couple and they irritate the crap out of me. Can I say crap? I hope so. 
Under eye creasing, false eyelash pinging and lipstick bleeding. It happens to the best of us right?

What beauty-related thing do you absolutely suck at? 
Nothing unforgivingly bad comes to mind, but I so go through phases of being bad at certain things... And then frustration and destruction follows!

What is one makeup rule that you preach, but always break?
Less is more... Hahaha. I find myself always expressing the importance of not overdoing it, then when it comes to beautifying myself I always get a little carried away.
I'm also an eyebrow Hypocrite, I love a strong brow and fill mine in so that you could possibly see them from space, but it offends my eyes when someone else has tried to same technique but absolutely butchered them, especially when I can see they have pretty brows to begin with.
Ugh, the curse of the scouse brow (English Term, look it up at your own risk).

What are your personal favorite blogs, Youtube channels, Instagrams, etc?
I don't watch any beauty guru's on YouTube at all anymore, but my favourites from back in the day are Petrilude and NikkieTutorials, I still have a huge love for both these guys, but just on different platforms. As for other makeup artists I admire I'm just going to throw out some Instagram usernames: 'TheeVanityDiary' is my RELIGION! 

Besides makeup and beauty, what is your biggest passion? 
Spiritualism, Being vegan, Game of Thrones & my puppy <3


Tell us 3 fun facts about yourself:
I used to live in Egypt.
I recently lost 42lbs. 
I get through a new book almost every week!

What is your guiltiest pleasure?
Well, I'm newly vegan.... *Looks around* ..... *Whispers*.....Cheesecake. 

Who is your celebrity crush?
Kit Harrington... I'm actually devastated that he's not mine. 

What are your plans for the future?
I don't know what the future holds for me, I've never had a set plan... Stuff usually just happens. I get offered a lot of awesome opportunities doing what I do and unfortunately turn all of them down. I struggle with anxiety and depression so meeting new people is not my strongest point. 
I hope to be able to overcome this one day. 

I hope you guys enjoyed drooling over these outstanding pieces of art as much as I do! If you want to see more work by Kiki, then please do yourself a favor and like her Facebook page, and follow her on Instagram, You'll be glad you did, trust me.

Thanks again for participating in this Kiki! I admire you so much, and the whole planet needs to be graced by your talent <3

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  1. aweomse!! can't choose my favorite!

  2. She is by far one of my favorite makeup artists to follow. Her creativity is mind blowing!!! It was so fun reading about her and getting to know more about her!!!

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  6. This was amazing, she is amazing beautifully done!

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  8. one of my new favorite bloggers! She's AMAZING! I love this kind of makeup art! :D


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