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Smile Brilliant - Professional Quality Teeth Whitening System Review and Giveaway!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Smile Brilliant and they asked me if I would be interested in trying their at home teeth whitening system. I have always been curious about whitening my teeth, but I shied away for various reasons: cost, teeth sensitivity and uneven whitening. I looked at Smile Brilliant's website and saw that they use the same professional products that dentists use, and you also make an impression of your teeth to get your very own custom set of whitening trays that fit your teeth like a glove all for a fraction of the cost of getting your teeth whitened at the dentist. I thought that was amazing, so I went ahead and decided to review it for you guys!


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Now, I don't have particularly yellow teeth per say, but I do enjoy drinking tea, coffee and soda which can lead to staining. My problem teeth are my incisors, which tend to be the teeth with the most yellowness/staining. I also have a tiny bit of staining in between certain teeth. I was a little hesitant to try this product out at first because I know that teeth whitening products are notorious for making teeth sensitive, and my teeth are already sensitive to begin with. But I was pleased when I found out that Smile Brilliant offers a desensitizing gel that you apply before whitening that helps reduce sensitivity.

When the kit arrived, I was instantly impressed by the sleek and well put together packaging. Everything is neatly laid out and easy to figure out.

This is what you get when you first get the kit:

-2 impression trays 
-Impression material
-3 whitening gel syringes (you can get 3 desensitizing gel syringes for an extra $19.95)
-Prepaid 3-way postage
-2 year teeth whitening tray replacement warranty
-Detailed instructional brochure
-30 day satisfaction guarantee


Make sure your teeth are thoroughly brushed and flossed to get the best impression results. After you've done that, take one of each of the impression materials, Catalyst Paste and Base Paste and blend it with your fingers thoroughly until there is no more white visible (no more than 90 seconds) and it turns into a light blue shade.

After that, quickly apply the mixture evenly on one of the impression trays. 

Apply firm, even pressure onto the impression material and tray. There is no need to bite down, just firmly press onto your teeth. Keep a towel handy because you will probably drool during this step. Hold the tray in place for 2 minutes and gently remove the tray from your teeth. Repeat the same steps for your bottom teeth. If your impression came out looking a little funky, you're in luck. Smile Brilliant sends you 3 sets of impression material just in case you mess up like I did!

After your impressions are done, leave them in their trays, let them sit for about ten minutes, rinse them with cool water, let them dry and harden and they are ready to be shipped out to get your very own custom trays! All you have to do is put them in the prepaid package, and send them on their way. A lab technician will hand craft your custom trays and in about a week, you should receive your trays and start the whitening process!

When you get your package in about a week, you will get your set of custom fitted trays and a carrying case. Since I am reviewing the product, I got sent my plaster molds too (I was informed that they don't send those out to customers, just thought I should let you all know that) which was super cool to look at.


The trays are clear, bendable and flexible and they fit great.


I want to display this in my room. It's so cool!

If you ordered the desensitizing gel, brush and floss your teeth before application. Apply a thin strip of product from the syringe onto the trays and apply to your teeth. Leave it on for about 30 minutes to an hour depending on how sensitive your teeth are. After you've done that, brush and floss your teeth again to get rid of the remaining desensitizing gel and wash and dry your trays. 

To begin whitening your teeth, apply a dot of product on each tooth impression towards the outer edge. Try not to apply too much or else it will ooze out when you have your trays on. You can leave them on for as little as 45 minutes or as long as 3 hours. I left mine on for 45 minutes a session. Make sure to brush your teeth again after each whitening session. Since I have sensitive teeth, I whitened mine every other day for about 2 weeks. 


The syringes are easily distinguishable by their handle colors. The desensitizing gel has a purple handle and the whitening gel has a green handle. You get about 2 or 3 uses with each syringe depending on how much product you use.

Even with the desensitizing gel, I did experience some sensitivity after whitening, especially with cold food and drinks, but it would typically only last a few hours. The whitening gel did irritate my gums a bit, but it was not unbearable. Here are my results:

It's not drastic, but you can definitely see a difference! I can only imagine how much whiter they would be if I did it every day and for longer periods of time! I'm totally pleased with my results. The entire process was easy, convenient and it saves you a bunch of money!

Overall, I am very pleased with the ease of use of the kit, and the results are awesome. If you are in the market for a teeth whitening kit, please consider Smile Brilliant! The quality is great, it works, and their customer service team is great as well! 

Big thanks to Smile Brilliant for letting me review this kit and for hosting the giveaway!

If you are interested in trying this kit, check out The kits start at $119.95 (that's a bargain compared to paying $500 plus at the dentist).

Or if you're feeling lucky, enter my giveaway below for your chance to win your very own Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening kit! You must be at least 18 years old or older to enter and one entry per household only please. Also, please make sure you read the terms and conditions at the bottom of the giveaway widget. Open internationally (if the winner happens to be international, they must pay for the shipping of the impressions)! GOOD LUCK!


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