I'm Veronica, aka Ronnie.

I'm just a fellow makeup and beauty junkie here on earth. I love to express myself and be artistic with makeup. I live to dream, love, and laugh. 
I'm 28 years old and happily married to the best guy on the planet, Jon. We're high school sweethearts and have been together for 11 years now. 

We don't have kids, but we adopted the sweetest, funniest and most lovable dog ever, Neeko. He's a Husky/Lab mix. He's pretty much my son, and my reason for existing. Sometimes I think he's a human trapped in a dog's body because his personality is unlike any other dog I have met!

I was born in Massachusetts, but raised a California girl. My family is of strong European decent, so basically, wine and good food runs through my veins!

Baby Ronnie!
I enjoy reading, art, music/concerts, traveling, the rain, and I'm a huge animal lover! I'm obsessed with Muse and Doctor Who.
 I always stand for what a believe in. I'm a huge dork, and I believe the key to living a happy life is to always have a sense of humor, and not to take everything so seriously. 
Thank you so much for reading my mini biography, and most importantly, thanks for stopping by my blog!