Monday, May 16

How to Determine Your Undertone & How to Choose the Perfect Red Lip Color!

Contrary to popular belief, anyone and everyone can pull off a red lip! It's a very classic and sexy look. All you need to do is know what the undertone of your skin is. It can be warm, cool, or like mine, neutral. Here are a few ways to figure out your undertone if you don't already know:


One of the most known ways to identify your skin tone is to simply compare gold or silver jewelry against your skin.

If GOLD looks best on you, then your undertone is warm. You'll notice that the gold color will instantly brighten up your skinUsually people with warm undertones have ivory, peachy, golden brown, golden beige, or coppery skin color. Eyes typically have warm undertones as well, such as hazel, honey brown, amber or dark golden brown. Hair is usually chestnut, golden brown, auburn, and coppery red.

If SILVER looks best, then you have a cool undertone. Your skin is most likely rosy pink, rosy beige, dark brown, ebony, or dark olive. Eyes are usually blue, almost black or green. The silver should bring out the blue/rosy tones of your complexion. Hair is typically dark brown, black, light blonde, and ashy blonde.

Once you have figured out your undertone, you want to choose a red that has the same tones as your skin - warm & warm, cool & cool, or if you're lucky enough to have neutral skin, you can pull off both!


I believe this is the quickest and easiest way to determine your undertone, and it is the way that I found out mine. All of the other techniques that I've tried were really hard to tell, as my skin is neutral. Simply hold out you inner wrist, preferably in natural day light and examine the color of your veins. Are your veins BLUE? Congrats, your tone is cool! Are they GREEN? Yup, your tone is warm, buddy! If your veins appear to be TURQUOISE, then you are one lucky duck because your undertone is neutral, meaning you can pretty much pull off any color.


Reese Witherspoon has a COOL skin tone.

Natalie Portman is WARM.

Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Aniston are two great examples of NEUTRAL skin tones.

Now that you have figured out the undertone of your skin, it's time to pick out a red lip color! Since red is such a bold color, you want to stay away from anything glossy or glittery. You want to pick a matte shade and keep the rest of the makeup on your face simple, since the main focus will be on your lips. 

Here are some suggestions for you guys. I have included both affordable and high end options:


Chili by MAC, $14.50
Fatal Red by Maybelline, $5.99

COOL: Russian Red by MAC, $14.50 
       Revlon Really Red Matte $7.99


Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour in Enthusiast, $30

Snow White by NYX, $4.99

And there you have it! You should have absolutely no trouble getting the perfect shade of red for your complexion. I hope this was helpful to you, and have fun sporting your sexy, red lips! 


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  1. Great Post!!! So helpful! I now know that I have a cool undertone haha. Super helpfull! You deserve so many more followers than you have!


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