Sunday, May 15

Shall I introduce myself?

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm very excited that I finally decided to start a makeup/beauty blog and I hope that you will stick around and enjoy it!

I'm Veronica, aka Ronnie. I am 25 years old, married, no kids and I live in beautiful Los Angeles, California. I am what some call, a makeup ADDICT. (Like it's a bad thing!)

A little back story about how I got into makeup.....

I've always been into the arts and I've always loved anything to do with creativity. I was constantly drawing as a kid and painting on my toy easel. It helped me escape into my own little world. I was just like many other little girls - I would get into my mom's makeup stash and go crazy! I was probably about 4 or 5 when I really started taking interest. My favorite product of hers (besides her amazing perfumes) were THE cutest mini lipsticks! They were about an inch tall, and about half a centimeter thick. Soon it got to the point to where she went ahead and bought me my very own makeup palette! I was the happiest girl alive.

Fast forward a few years to middle school. Awkward, hormonal middle school--where we all thought we looked cute with our frosty white eyeshadow, blue mascara and lips covered in so much lip gloss that we looked like we were drooling. No wonder the boys seemed to be scared of me. Hmph. Did I mention that I was a fan of over tweezing? Not a pretty all. 

I went through a lot of makeup phases (and faux pas) in high school. During my freshman year, I kept it pretty simple and natural looking. Mascara, some black liner in my water line, blush , clear lip gloss and I was good to go. My hair was at it all time best too (it was virgin!). Sophomore year was pretty similar. Now.....when I think back to Junior and Senior year, I cringe. Extremely heavy black liner (a la Taylor Momsen), too light foundation, hot pink lips and blush, and let's not even get started with my fashion taste. Those of you who know me personally know exactly what I'm talking about.

It took me lots and lots of years of practice to get to where I am today. I've learned the techniques, tricks, and I even have taught myself special effects makeup. I am by no means a professional or an expert, nor a makeup artist. I just do what I love to do, and I am still learning new things everyday. No one is perfect, not even with a flawless makeup application. We should all feel comfortable and confident in our own natural skin, but sometimes, we just need an extra oomph. You gotta admit that it feels amazing wearing a kick ass red lip and sexy winged liner. There is no problem in wanting to feel even better, right?

I apologize if this was a little long. My future posts won't be this way, I promise! Thank you for reading, and welcome again!




  1. yay! so happy you started a blog :)

  2. Hi,

    Just discovered your blog through the Dutch beauty blog "Bloggin Beauties" and I gotta say, I love your blog allready. You are AMAZING with make up!

    You make me wanne wear more colours of eyeshadow (you have the same effect on me as Lisanne from Bloggin Beauties), I normally just use neutrals, but boy oh boy, now I wanne try teal and green YAY!

  3. Hi 8D I've just read through your blog and I am so addicted to the looks you create (i keep it pretty basic when it comes to make-up). And it also really amazes me how you can pull off just about any look.
    Looking forward to reading more!

  4. Hey there ! I just recently found your blog (recently as in last night!) and I couldn't stop looking at all your pictures !! So amazing, you're very talented !! I'm enjoying your posts a lot and can't wait to see more !!!

    xxx Vee


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