Sunday, September 18

Oops, Naughty Me! *Makeupbee & Velour Lashes Collaboration*

Hello, everyone! Get ready for a monster post, and it's a special one! I have collaborated with MakeupBee and Velour Lashes along with other Queen Makeup Bees to create a series of looks based on the names of the luxurious minx fur lashes that Velour has to offer.

If you've never heard of minx lashes, let me fill you in! These high end and sophisticated lashes are worn all over tinsel town, most popular with JLO and Kim Kardashian. They are made of 100% real, natural and sterilized minx fur. No need to worry though, these beautiful creatures are not harmed at all. They are gently brushed and then that hair is used to make the lashes.

I chose the pair properly named "Oops! Naughty Me". This pair of lashes are full, wispy and uber flirtatious. I then went ahead and created a makeup look based on the name of the lashes whilst wearing them, and this is what I came up with!

  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Light
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC20

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette (Tear Duct: Sin, Inner Corner: Mix of Sidecar & Toasted, Outer Corner: Creep, & Gunmetal used to blend inner and outer corner shades).
  • Matte skin tone shade by Wet N Wild on brow bone
  • Maybelline One by One Mascara in Black
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Zero
  • Oops! Naughty Me Minx Lashes by Velour

  • Sonia Kashuk Blush in Flamingo

  • Cover Girl Lipstick in Spellbound

WOW. That was my first reaction upon receiving these beautiful lashes. They are unlike any other lashes I have ever tried. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous, but they are luxurious, sophisticated, and super sexy. The pair I have are very full and wispy and I was afraid that they would look ridiculous on me. I was wrong! They look surprisingly natural and they don't scream fake. They are not heavy like other lashes I've tried...they are very lightweight and feathery. They are extremely soft to the touch, and the color is a black-brown, making them look even more natural. They are expensive, but I believe that they pay for themselves. If you take proper care of them, they can be used up to 25 times! I would used these  on special occasion to stretch their lifetime. I would definitely purchase these again and again and again!

How do I use Velour Minx Lashes?

- These lashes are aren't your typical lashes. They are extremely high quality and are expensive. You shouldn't treat them like synthetic fiber lashes. Apply one thin coat of mascara and let it dry BEFORE putting your lashes on. This will help keep your minx lashes clean and amazing looking for a lot longer. 

Can I apply mascara on the lashes?

-No. Make sure not to apply mascara directly on the lashes because it can ruin the fur. Apply it before the lashes and let the mascara completely dry. If you take good care of them, they can be worn up to 25 times! Pays for itself!

Can I curl the lashes?

-You sure can! Since they are made of 100% real fur, you can curl them as if they are your own. They hold curl very well.

How do I clean and care for my minx lashes?

-Click here to find out how to care for your lashes.

Here are some photos of the packaging and close ups of the lashes for you guys. These are huge, high resolution pictures so make sure to click them to enlarge to see all the detail!

I really hope you all enjoyed this post and the look that I created! I had a ton of fun with it, and I am sooo in love with these lashes, I highly recommend them. I want to thank Makeupbee and Velour Lashes for letting me be a part of the collaboration. Love you guys, and I hope your weekend was amazing <3

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  1. the look is amazing! loving the lashes!

  2. Holy shit your look is amazing!!! So sultry and sexy I love it and those lashes are to die for!! I just received mine a few days ago, and I wore them yesterday and your right they do pay for themselves! Absolutly amazing! Im going to be doing a look/review on them soon as well.


  3. oh my gosh, it doesn't even look like you're wearing fake lashes! it's so natural looking :D
    love the eye makeup, you're really good

  4. It's a really gorgeous look and those lashes are amazing! They're so full and fluttery.

  5. Ahem. Let me put this as professionally as possible.


    Seriously though. I really like that you're wearing the lashes and not the other way around. This is totally inspiring me to do my post and I'm taking mad tips from you. I love how you let the lashes shine but the makeup is still so you and so pretty. Flawless, flawless, flawless.

    Also, that lipstick? Give it to me. Like, yesterday.

  6. This is sooo pretty! Hmm the lashes are lightweight, eh? I can't wear normal falsies because they feel too heavy and awkward on my eyes.. the most I can manage is a few hours max. :( I wonder if these would feel any better? :O

    Thanks for the post!

  7. *gasp* these lashes look INSANE. i want!

  8. Beautimus!!! Who are the other Makeupbees doing looks for the lashes!?

  9. Thanks, guys! <3

    @Kassie, I cannot wait to see what you come up with! What lashes did you pick out?

    @Meredith, LMFAO you always crack me up! I LOVE YOU!!!

    @Emily, I have the same problem as you do. That's why I was nervous in the beginning, but the are very lightweight for their size.

    @Simply Jen, Meredith Jessica, Kassie from Unique Desire, Cari, and Natalie from NOTD :)

  10. Wow! Those lashes look amazing! They look mad soft too.. might have to look into these bad boys.

  11. Beautiful makeup! And those lashes look amazing!

  12. love the makeup hun!!!

  13. The lashes are beautiful! Soft ones are always the best :)

  14. Beautiful! Where can we get the lashes?? I'd like to order some?

  15. Gorgeous look to showcase these lashes! ALWAYS looking forward to your looks and blog posts!

  16. Gorgeous! These lashes look so real, do you know if they are sold in Canada?

  17. I LOOOOVE the lashes!!!! BOOO for them being really expensive!!!!

  18. Ronnie, these look amazing!!!! what kind of price range are they? i'm sure 100% they are worth their value though, they looking blimmin brilliant!!!!

  19. Those lashes are the REAL DEAL, wow! Your make-up look paired perfectly with them <3

    follow me,

  20. @Ronnie: I picked out Doll Me Up, I did the look & review today, gonna be editing footage all tomorrow. This was such an awesome opportunity!

  21. 1. Those lashes are so luscious! Absolutely beautiful.
    2. HOW have I not been to your blog before?? So glad to have found it. Your looks are great.

  22. I don't want to get in trouble for promoting my blog, but I wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award!

  23. I wish I could see video tutorial for this look..its so sexy!! :)

  24. Ronnie! This look is GORGEOUS! The lashes look doggone natural and your eye makeup and overall look is perfection.

  25. That's such a pretty look! Feminine as well as a bit edgy.

    By the way, I'm a new subscriber to your blog!

  26. Do you have a Youtube Video on how to apply lashes? I always seem to poke myself in the eye and give up :(

  27. These lashes just scream luxury, they're so soft and fine but really full at the same time. Love the sultry eye makeup too. :)

  28. Hi there - I love your blog and I think you are immensely talented, I wanted to let you know the truth about these lashes because you seem to be a very nice person and probably wouldn't advertise them if you knew. I am British but I spent several years working in Norway. Near to my place of work was a mink farm, it produced coats and other by products of the fur. A neighbours worked there and he was often marked by bites, minks are extremely viscious. These manufacturers would have you believe they entice a wild mink, give it a nice brush and let it go, you wouldn't have fingers left if you tried! These lashes are from the parts of the mink not used for coats, the animals are kept in small cages, given medications to make them grow faster and other substances to promote gloss in the pelt. At the age of six months they are killed. I thought you'd like to know you can get synthetic mink lashes which hold a curl much better and are more durable. Thanks for reading - Alison.

  29. OMG i've never tried this products, now I totally want some!!!


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