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SugarPill Cosmetics Haul + Review with Swatches

Hi guys, long time no chat! I've had a super busy week, and I feel a huge emptiness in my heart today...I watched the Hunger Games 2 nights ago and I need to watch it over and over until I am content, haha! Today will be busy as well, but super fun and special! It's my husband Jon's 26th birthday! We're going out for sushi and drinks tonight with our favorite friends and family, so can't wait for that!
Anyway, about a month ago my hubby bought me my first SugarPill products for my birthday and I was seriously stoked. I've been dying to get my hands on some SugarPill and I am so elated that theses are finally in my life. I got the Sweet Heart Palette, the Burning Heart Palette and a loose pigment in Stella. My order also came with a sample of Goldilux (now I know why everyone is crazy about it)!

Get ready for lots of photos, this will be a long post!

Both palettes came inside this ridiculously pretty box. They are so cute that I just had to keep them. I cannot throw them away! (Hoarder? Not really).

This is the acutal packaging for the palettes. They are made of thick and sturdy cardboard that is very sleek and well made.

Inside the Sweet Heart Palette, you get four HUGE pressed eyeshadows that are among the most pigmented I have ever tried. Net Wt. 4 grams / .14 oz. × 4, $34.00.

As you can see, these are no joke. Crazy pigmentation and superb blendability for pressed shadows. These are swatched over bare skin (2 coats). Tako and Dollipop are both matte finishes, while Midori and Afterparty have a slight pearly-sheen. Dollipop is my favorite in this palette. I love Tako too, but it's a teeny bit on the chalky side. Still the best white I own though! 

The Burning Heart Palette just screams sunset/summer...doesn't it? It is absolutely gorgeous, and just like it's sister the Sweet Heart palette, it is equally as pigmented and all around amazing. I still cannot get over how amazing the quality and the pigmentation of these shadows are. Why isn't SugarPill sold in Sephora? They would blow everyone out of the water. Net Wt. 4 grams / .14 oz. × 4, $34.00.

Swatches are over bare skin, two coats. Stunning, right? I love how opaque these all are. Poison Plum has a slight pearly-sheen while the others are a matte finish. Butter Cupcake is pure love, it's my fave in this palette. I just wanna eat it!

I also received one of their loose shadows, Stella. I have a soft spot for loose shadows and I am so glad I picked Stella. It is a galaxy in a container, so gorgeous. 4.5 grams, $12.00.

The box is similar to the palettes, only with a slightly different design. Still really cute. They also have a sort rubbery feel to them.

 This loose shadow was pretty much made for me. It's a matte jet black base, with TONS of rainbow sparkles. I tried my best to capture the rainbow-ness going on, but you're just going to have to take my word for it, it is to die for. I have tried lots of different loose shadows, but nothing compares to the texture of this one. It blends so easily and has almost a butter-like consistency. LOVE.

Left is applied wet, right is applied dry, no base. 
No base, left dry, right wet.
As I mentioned earlier, I got a sample of Goldilux as well. One of the prettiest golds I've ever seen! This is also a loose shadow and has a smoother texture then Stella. I love this shade because it is really versatile and can be worn by anyone.

And here is just a quick look I put together once I opened up my palettes. It's nothing special or unqiue, I simply wanted to try these babies out! I used Poison Plum and After Party on my lid, Stella in the crease and blended out with Dollipop. I have Butter Cupcake on my tearduct, Midori on the lower lid and Tako on my brow bone.

Also, my last look was created with mostly SugarPill products as well. You can check that out HERE.

 I HIGHLY recommend giving SugarPill a shot if you have yet me, you need some in your life. SugarPill is vegan and cruelty-free as well, which is a giant plus in my book.

I really hope you all enjoyed reading my review on Sugar Pill. I know that there are a million plus one of them out there, but I thought, "Why not?". Maybe my opinion will convince you to try them out if you haven't already. I am so late on trying these out, but better late than never, right? I am so happy that I finally own some SugarPill and will definitely be purchasing some more in the near future :)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I need Stella! I love Sugarpill and have both palettes, Goldilux, Royal Sugar and a sample of Lumi :p

    How did you like The Hunger Games?

  2. Definitely enjoyed this, though Sugarpill is nothing new to me I still enjoyed seeing your pics, swatches, and THAT LOOK..... omg, no one does makeup like you, seriously... you make me wanna do makeup! xD I have the Burning Heart palette and love it, been trying to get my hands on the Sweetheart for ages but it's always sold out when they have a sale lol. :(
    Thanks so much for the review! :D

  3. I think my next purchase will be Lumi! Everyone raves about it. This is what I thought of the hunger games:

    I really enjoyed it, though I wish they didn't leave so much stuff out/changed things around. I also wish it was bloodier! But besides that, I really really liked it, and I can't wait to see it again :)

  4. Aww, Emily you are so freakin' sweet! Thank you SO much. <3

  5. This is such a beautiful look! You are super talented to have came up with that off the top of your I want some Sugarpill!

  6. You're not a hoarder if you admit you collect it ;D I'm totally the same way!

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one who couldn't throw away the box the palette came in!! 

  8. How can you say that the look is nothing special or unqiue, it's simply stunning... I really want to try out some Sugarpill now!

  9. Oh my God! I like these Colors and your Look!

  10. I'm glad you've finally got your hands on some Sugarpill! I love their stuff so much. And your look is nothing special? Disagree completely!

  11. I love love love the Sugar Pill pressed shadows! I can't wait to get more soon.

    I also wanted to let you know that I tagged you in a post over on my blog

  12. Tutorial for the look! It's GORGEOUS. I own almost all the Sugarpill shadows and they are all so amazing! You should definitely get Goldilux and Royal Sugar, they are TO DIE FOR. :)

  13. I recently got the burning heart palette as well, and now I'm dying to try out the Sweetheart one. :) Wonderful look, I just wish you'd posted more pictures on it! :D 


  14. Love your blog and I am your 2300th follower :D
    Check out my blog and follow if you like it

    Have a nice time!

  15. Just found your blog and I love it! I'm following, would love to have you check out my blog as well!

  16. " It's nothing special or unqiue .... " Ronnie, every look you ever post is GORGEOUS and always has something unique about it :-) I love the look you created using the two palettes. It's so beautiful!

  17. Woo! I loved it too! I think they did a great job of interpreting, staying faithful and cutting out what they needed to. Oh goooooood Tako is so beautifulllllll ; w ; It's a good clean white. And of course Midori, Afterparty and Dollipop are gorge. I can't wait to see what you do with the burning heart palette. You must have a million looks in your head already. I think the look you made for this post IS special and unique. <3 

  18. beautyready.freddyMarch 27, 2012 at 5:58 PM

    OMG you're a magician! Love that eye look <3

  19. This is such a beautiful look, i have never used these products, we don't have them in australia! would love to try them! xx

  20. nothing unique??? yeah your mistaken.. :) Gorgeous!!!

  21. great colors and great blog now following :)

  22. Heya, love this post! Just stumbled upon your blog, and am your newest follower, please check mine out and follow if you like what you see :)


  23. Wow, if that was a quick look then I'm so envious of your skills! It's amazing :)

  24. Stunning eye make up! I wonder if I can try something similar for my wedding look! 

  25. Empire State Beauty QueenApril 27, 2012 at 7:02 PM

    Hi Ronnie, I just came across your blog and I love what you have going on here! I love this review and the swatches.

    xo from NYC-Chelise 


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