Friday, July 6

Sweet Secrets

Hello, there! I hope my fellow American readers had a fun, festive and safe Independence Day. I apologize for disappearing for a little bit; I had some unexpected life stuff that came up to take care of, plus some out-of-town family came to visit. But I am back, and today I have a sultry and alluring look using some more MakeupGeek eyeshadows. They were as lovely and kind as ever, and sent me some more shadows to try out (I also got some lipsticks as well, and I'll have a review of those coming up soon)! 

I wanted to incorporate some unexpected shades together, and I was quite satisfied with the turnout:

  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder in N4

  • Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
  • MakeupGeek Eyeshadow in Shimmer Mint on inner lids
  • MakeupGeek Eyeshadow in Pixie Dust on center of lids
  • MakeupGeek Eyeshadow in Envy on outer corners
  • MakeupGeek Eyeshadow in Corrupt on outer corners
  • MakeupGeek Eyeshadow in Shimma Shimma on tear ducts and brow bone
  • MakeupGeek Eyeshadow in Gold Digger on inner, lower lids
  • Love & Beauty Glitter Liner in Gold
  • Rimmel Soft Kohl Pencil in Pure White on water line
  • MakeupGeek Eyeshadow in Mermaid over white pencil
  • Lime Crime Liquid Liner in Quill
  • FAUX Lashes in Sasha

  • MAC Blush in Dainty

  • MakeupGeek Lipstick in Delightful
  • Kiss My Sass Eyeshadow in Vegas
>>Swatches and product shots of the MakeupGeek shadows after the jump<<

Back in May, I reviewed some MakeupGeek shadows, which are just spectacular. If you are interested in the review, you can read it HERE. For the sake of repeating myself about how awesome these are, I'll just post up some up close shots of the shades with my initial thoughts and product description, along with some swatches.

(click to enlarge)

  • Website Description: "Turn up the heat and put on a show with this sultry and shimmery burgundy shade that features just a hint of bronze. Deep, metallic burgundy."
  • My Thoughts: This shade is so sultry and sexy. I love the warmth and the subtle golden shimmer.

  • Website Description: "You won’t need a Fairy Godmother to snag a Prince Charming to live happily ever after. Just make sure you’re wearing this sweetly enchanting, shimmery pink shadow before the clock strikes midnight Pale, shimmery pink."
  • My Thoughts: Cinderella is a beautiful everyday color that has become a staple in my every day routine. I love it as an all over wash on my lids.

  • Website Description: "No pasty vampires watching you while you sleep. No werewolves trying to steal your heart. Just a shimmery purple taupe eyeshadow. (And if you’re might just sparkle in the sun…) Pale, shimmery, muted purple."
  • My Thoughts: I never thought I'd love an eyeshadow as much as I love my dear Satin Taupe by MAC. This color is up there. I am such a sucker for purple-y taupes!

  • Website Description: "I’ll tell you what’s unexpected…when your mother-in-law decides it’s time for her to visit. Fabulous. I’m so glad I had a heads up on that one…my house is a mess, I didn’t do laundry, and I can’t remember the last time I went grocery shopping…BUT I do have a fantastic pink eyeshadow to wear! Matte, pale, pink brown"
  • My Thoughts: I was sort of hesitant about this shade since it's matte, and I had a not-so-great experience with MUG's Fuji shade, but this shadow was surprisingly pigmented and smooth for being a matte shade. The color is awesome, as well!

  • Website Description: "This is just as fun to wear as it is to say. I dare you to say Razzleberry three times in a row really fast- come on, you know you want to...Raspberry pink with gold glitter"
  • My Thoughts: Totally a fun shade to wear that can liven up any look. It leans more red than pink though, and the glitter lasts all day!

  • Website Description: "You could spend years surveying the seas before encountering such a splendid combination of a calm, emerald green shade and a glistening shimmer. Shimmery turquoise."
  • My Thoughts: I instantly love (almost) anything that has to do with, or resemble the ocean. So naturally, I adore this shade. 

  • Website Description: "It took us a long time to catch enough fairies to create this eyeshadow! We had to prance through the magical forest, use our state of the art fairy finder, and bring back the pixie dust to the Makeup Geek factory to add the perfect amount of shimmer to this bright green shadow. Shimmery lime green."
  • My Thoughts: ERMAHGERD. This eyeshadow is simply stunning! It's so metallic, and bright and gorgeous. You need this, I'm telling you!

  • Website Description: "Don’t be confused by the name… this eyeshadow is not to be used to cover up your bad breath. However, this minty green shadow is a great way to freshen up your makeup ;) Metallic mint green with gold shimmer."
  • My Thoughts: When I first laid eyes on this color, I literally said, "Oooohhh!" It is a muted green that is so pretty and unique. It's surprisingly wearable, too!

Overall, I am seriously head-over-heels about MUG shadows. The quality is up there with MAC, and for half the price! ($5.99 in pan form and $7.99 in compact form). Check them out at MAKEUPGEEK.COM.

Stay tuned for the lipstick review! I hope you all enjoyed this post, and that you're all doing well. Take care and I'll see you all soon!
Disclaimer: Some products shown in this post may have been provided by the said brand(s) for potential review or use. For more information, please read my DISCLOSURE. 

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