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Muse Album Cover Series - Black Holes and Revelations

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Today I bring you the fourth installment of my Muse album cover series, with Black Holes and Revelations. This album contains some of Muse's biggest hits, such as "Starlight", "Knights of Cydonia", and "Supermassive Black Hole". The album was released in July of 2006, three years after Absolution

Black Holes and Revelations has a different sound and feel to their previous albums. Whilst writing and recording the album, Muse listened to music in the style of Joe Meek, Kill Bill and Nancy Sinatra. Matt Bellamy had been living in North Italy for a short while and had discovered some old Italian traditional folk music, and also listening to the style of his dad's band, The Tornadoes. They also were inspired by Belgian bands such as Millionaire and Evil Superstar. The band's bassist, Chris Wolstenholme, commented that the band listened to Islamic radio stations whilst writing the album and the progressive elements of that music influenced songs such as "Assassin". The general theme of the album centers on dystopian-orientated/kleptocratic politics, along with accompanying war. As well as in the music, this can be seen in the album art and booklet.

The album art, created by Storm Thorgerson, features the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from the Book of Revelation. Their four horses of different colors, are on the table. The rider of the white horse represents the Anti-Christ, the red one war, the black famine and the pale one represents death and decay. The horses are small to signify the ills of the riders had outgrown those of their horses. Pretty deep stuff.

The album art has two main colors, a deep, rusty orange and a vibrant blue, which are both bold and are opposite of each other. I knew this look was going to be a challenge, since these aren't colors that necessarily work together very well in a makeup look. So I thought I'd go with the flow of things, and create a bold, unconventional look with sharp edges and a cut crease to create an obvious contrast. I think it fits with the theme of the album as well. Oh, and I could not forget the glitter, of course! 

This is album is another favorite of mine, and contains many of my most beloved Muse songs. But I have to give it to "Knights of Cydonia" here. It is hands down one of my all-time favorite songs ever, and it is mind-blowing live. It's so creative and unique, you just can't help but love it.
(skip to 2:28 if you don't want to watch the intro). Also, you should check out the official music video for this song. It features futuristic cowboys. read that right.

  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff
  • Make Up For Ever Powder Foundation in #200

  • BFTE Eye and Lip Primer
  • SugarPill Eyeshadow in Flame Point on inner half of lids
  • TKB Trading Reflecks Natural Glitter in Burning Leaves and Copper over Flame Point
  • SugarPill Eyeshadow in After Party on outer corner and crease
  • Wet n Wild Color Icon Palette in Pride (matte dark blue shade) on outer corner and crease
  • Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Corrupt on outer corner and crease
  • Sugar Pill Eyeshadow in Flamepoint and Poison Plum above crease
  • TKB Trading Hi-Lite Eyeshadow in Copper on brow bone and tear duct
  • NYX Liquid Liner in Black
  • Rimmel Spark It Up! Gleaming Eye Darkening Liner in Black Gold in water line
  • Kiss My Sass Eyeshadow in Vegas to set liner
  • FAUX Lashes in Alexia

  • Sigma Blush in Peche

  • Makeup Geek Lipstick in Delightful
  • TKB Trading Hi-Lite Eyeshadow in Copper
I hope you guys are doing well, and that you enjoyed this look. I sure am loving this series, and I'm sort of sad that I only have two albums left! I also hope you're excited for the holidays (if that's your kind of thing). It's getting nippy here in L.A. (finally), and I'm definitely loving it! Take care of yourselves, and I'll see you soon!



  1. SOOOOOOO pretty! I love it (:

  2. Wow! This one is my favorite so far! I agree, usually these colors don't play nice together, but you made it work beautifully!

  3. <3<3<3 Knights of Cydonia has one of the best videos ever!

  4. I love the look- you made colours which don't really go together look great :-) Also love this album! <3 Muse :-)

  5. <3 <3 <3 Muse and <3 this series. I'm glad I stopped by. I worry that Kate Hudson is a really a succubus and is going to suck the talent out of Matt Belamy, but am crossing my fingers that I'm just being silly. Since you are a Muse afficionado, do you know where I can find the alt video for Hysteria? All I find on youtube is the Justin Theroux version. I do like Justin Theroux, but prefer the Muse -playing their instruments again weird colors and squiggles- version better.

  6. Thanks, Angelica! I always get so giddy when I come across other Muse fans, haha! I like Kate Hudson as an actress, but I still cannot get used to the two together, they're just SO different from one another, at least from what I can see. Who know, she may inspire him musically an lyrically like never before! You know, i was looking for that version myself, and I cannot seem to find it either. :(

  7. Thanks sweetie!

  8. Yay, thank you!

  9. Thanks, I'm glad you think so :)

  10. Thanks, Aly! <3

  11. I do too! I loooove them. I've seen them every time I've had the chance because they are sooooo ahmahzing live. I mean they are seriously ridiculously talented. And Matt's voice... it's like he won the vocal lottery! It's like buttah! I'm constantly trying to "convert" people to Muse. I've had a couple friends that have successfully had their "come to Muse moment", but others that have been kind of Meh about them, which is insanity!
    About Kate, agreed. She was endearing in Almost Famous. But I had read this very unflattering article about her trolling for single musicians backstage at the 2010 Coachella when Muse was headlining. Supposedly, she struck out hitting on Thom Yorke, after which she was reported whining "aren't there any single men around here??!!" (Thom is no dummy and is in a very long term relationship) to which someone responded by pointing her in poor Matt's direction.. Next thing you know, the hooks were in and conveniently for her, she was very quickly knocked up, aka trapped. I know it sounds mean to say it, but I find her to be such a phony starf**ker.
    Ok, I'm going to shut up now.

  12. GAHH me too, I'm seeing them twice next month (ideally, I'd go to every Cali show, but that's sadly not gonna happen)! His voice is out of this world. It makes my insides feel funny, lol.

    Wow, if that's true about Kate Hudson, then shame on her! For the most part though, they seem happy together, and they make pretty cute offspring, :)

  13. Oh how fun! I'm soo jealous. Last time I saw them was at Coachella, sniffle.
    I guess you have a point. If he's happy, that's a good thing. But if she goes Yoko...

  14. I didn't get to see them at Coachella! I was sick and stuck in bed (which I am hoping doesn't happen to me again in January...I seriously would not know what to do with myself). If she pulls a Yoko Ono...OH HELL NAW. I will take care of that myself, LOL!


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