Tuesday, December 18

Muse Album Cover Series - The Resistance

I seriously cannot believe that this is the fifth look in this series! I only have one more to go, and that makes me weep a teeny bit. Maybe I'll go ahead and do the live albums as well...we shall see!

The Resistance is Muse's fifth studio album which was released in September of 2009. Like previous Muse albums, it draws from a wide range of genres and influences, including glam rock, R&B, disco and classical. In 2011, the album won a Grammy for "Best Rock Album". Matt Bellamy summarized the album as having "an emphasis on rhythm and contemporary R&B at the start. Then it gets epic and strange, then it becomes contemporary classical music."

The cover artwork depicts a human figure standing on an illuminated pathway with the Earth at the center. It sort of reminds me of a kaleidoscope. It seems as if the cover is insinuating that a single human is trying to find the meaning of life through all of the world's colors. But knowing Muse, it must have a deeper meaning than just that! The eye-catching cover has been named the best record cover of 2009, and I believe that it is was well deserved.

I was both excited and nervous about what sort of look I would create for this album. Not only is the cover a work of art, but there's a bunch going on with loads of gorgeous colors. I obviously couldn't fit every single color on my eyes, so I just picked the colors that stood out to me the most. I knew this was going to be a bold, bright and colorful look, and that it was going to be a challenge, but I am quite satisfied with the turnout!

My favorite track(s) off the album is the three part, fifteen minute long "Exogenesis: Symphony". It's a magically beautiful piece that is worth listening to. Another favorite is the mighty roar that is known as "Uprising". It's a crowd pleaser, and one of Muse's most popular songs.

  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder in N4

  • BFTE Eye and Lip Primer
  • Wet N Wild Eyeshadow in Stagedive over black base (NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean)
  • Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Corrupt in crease and outer-v
  • SugarPill Eyeshadow in Dollipop and Poison Plum above crease
  • Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadow in Recruit on inner half of lower lid
  • SugarPill Eyeshadow in Midori on outer half of lower lid
  • Kiss My Sass Eyeshadow in Vegas on tear duct and brow bone
  • Lime Crime Eyeliner in Citreuse, 6th Element and Quill
  • Rimmel Soft Kohl Liner in Pure White on water with SugarPill Butter Cupcake and Flamepoint patted on top
  • FAUX Lashes in Violet Noir

  • NYX Blush in Natural

  • Makeup Geek Lipstick in Delightful

So as you might have already guessed, Muse is my all-time favorite band. Some of my other favorite are The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, The Killers, and many, many more. Who's your favorite band/artist? I'd love to know! I really hope you guys like this loud and colorful look. Take care, and I'll see you next time!



  1. WICKED AMAZING!!! One of my fav looks from you Ronnie!!!

  2. Absolutely stunning!! One of your best looks yet, it is so gorgeous! I can just stare at it all day ♥.♥

  3. You are fantastic and amazing for doing this! My favourite band! :D

    The makeup for this cover is the best, IMO.

  4. Another fabulous tribute! I wish I could do my eye makeup like you. it's really impressive. I have minimal eyeshadow application skills. :/
    I love the killers too. Hot fuss is a masterpiece and Brandon flowers just don't know!
    My fav new band is Divine fits - soooooogoodlive. I also adore AFI, Radiohead and Bloc Party.

  5. Ah! This is your best look yet! This is STUNNING. Oh please oh please, if you only do one more tutorial in your life please let it be this one! I will sell you my soul for a video on this look! <3

  6. Wonderful look Ronnie! You've incorporated so many colors, but they all fade into each other so well. I especially like the yellow into orange gradient with the eyeliner.

  7. WOW!

    I haven´t seen such a wonderful look for a while in my readinglist! :)

  8. This is definitely your best Muse look! The album art itself is gorgeous! I think I'll take a crack at doing my own interpretation at some point, but you've definitely set the bar extremely high ;)

  9. Wonderful make up. Amazing colours.

  10. This is so pretty Ronnie! And I love the Killers too :-)

  11. I think this may be my all time favorite look you have ever done! Seriously stunning! xo

  12. By far my favourite look of yours, ever. So stunning, I have no words. x

  13. Wow that's amazing!!
    Brilliant the colours are fab :)

  14. This looks just stunnig and technically perfectly done!

  15. HOLY you did an AWESOME JOB. The minute I saw that you were doing The Resistance I couldn't wait to see what you'd do with all the colors from the album! You are so very talented. I really love this album as well.


  16. Muse is my fave band of all time so I loved this album covers series! I want to try them all :D

  17. I love your makeup and i start to like the song. Start to listen more and more. Thank you

  18. elena pietrina SechiFebruary 1, 2013 at 3:36 PM

    che bel trucco! adoro questo blog, mi sono iscritta!!

    Passa da me se ti va ;)


  19. May I just say.... YOU ARE SO AWESOME! I was randomly googling Muse (my favourite band) and came across this. SOMEONE IS DOING MUSE MAKEUP TUTORIALS I CAN'T EVEN :D you are so super awesome!


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