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Review - Soap & Glory

When I was first contacted by the fine people over at Soap & Glory, I did a little happy dance because I have always wanted to try out their products. I remember seeing their stuff years ago at my local Target and before I had the chance to try out anything, they were taken off the shelves and were being sold at Sephora. Their products became a little too expensive for my budget, so when I was informed recently that they will be moving away from Sephora and start selling over at, and and lowering their prices, I did another happy dance and so did my wallet! This is great news because now more people will be able to try Soap & Glory with their more accessible and affordable products. 

I was sent a few of goodies to try out for you all, and here are my thoughts after using them all for over a month.

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I am almost 30 years old. I have tried lots and lots of body lotions, creams, oils and butters. Some have been terrible and some have been pretty darned good. I have heard great things of this popular body butter, but my expectations weren't high. "What makes this so great?" I would ask myself. The moment I twisted the lid and got a whiff of the glorious scent, I was taken aback. It smells heavenly. It has a clean, slightly rose-y scent, and I usually cannot stand rose scented products, but this one is different in the sense that it's probably made with magic. I suffer from really dry hands as I wash my hands and sanitze a lot more than I should and this is the only product that I have tried lately that really nourishes and moisturizes my desert hands. It's formulated with shea butter and aloe vera which are so soothing. I feel like silk sheets after using this. Best of all, a little goes a long a way so you really get the most of this! I am so in love with this product and I will buy it in the future over and over again! I highly recommend it!

The Flake Away body scrub has the same wondrous smell as the Righteous Butter and it exfoliates my skin effectively and gently. It contains shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar which is the perfect combo to combat dry flaky skin. After using this scrub, I apply the Righteous Butter and my skin as smooth as velvet. I use this every other day and it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.

Upon reading the product description for the Pillow Plump gloss, I was a bit nervous. I am quite happy with the state of my natural lips so the thought of plumping them up gave me visions of the Kylie Jenner lip challenge (please don't do it, by the way. People have gotten hurt). After I stopped being dramatic, I applied a thin layer of the product and after about a minute or so, my lips were buzzing and tingling pretty intensely! It felt like static. No, it felt like a million ants crawling all over my lips. It isn't painful, but it's not exactly pleasant either. After about five minutes, I looked in the mirror and didn't see too much of a difference but after comparing the before and after shots, I can see a noticeable difference, especially on my bottom lip! It appears fuller, plumper and super glossy. The product itself feels buttery, non-sticky and although the gloss is a nude pink, it applies pretty sheer on the lips.

Here's how it works: 
"Ultrashiny, smoothing, and hydrating, Sexy Mother Pucker™ Pillow Plump™ XXL lip plumping gloss features LIPSWELL™ natural flower oil infusion and glassy-shine technology. The extreme volume moisture gloss formula has also been injected with 3XL-PEPTIDE PLUMP™ complex, the components of which have been shown in in-vitro tests to help increase levels of hyaluronic acid, support fat cells, and give an ‘autoplump’ built-in cushioning effect. Lips are left lustrous, moisturized, and looking perfectly plumped!
WARNING: As your lips boost, it's likely you'll feel a bit of a buzz (and create one). TINGLE level = HIGH! Not for the meek of mouth."

This isn't something I see myself using very often, but it is an interesting product and something to look into if you want bigger and plumper looking lips. 

This gloss stick is like the beginner version of the Pillow Plump! It contains collagen-boosting pre-peptides which visually plumps the lips without the tingle. The Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick also claims that it stays put due to their exclusive Ultimelt Shine and Shaping Technology and their Gloss-Fix Finish keeps color exactly where you want it. What I really like about the gloss stick is that fact that it's, well, in stick form. It feels creamy rather than glossy and it is not sticky which is always a good thing in my book when it comes to glosses. I'm a matte lippie kind of gal, but on those days where I want to wear something more natural and easy, then I reach for this. It's super moisturizing and whilst I don't feel like it's totally budge-proof. it's still a lovely product that provides a nice wash of color and moisture.

The Gloss Stick applies a little more opaque than the Pillow Plump and is more of a warm toned deep nude color with the tiniest amount of sparkle whilst Pillow Plump is more on the pink side has more shimmer. It also applies sheerer and is glossier. 

This firming and smoothing serum claims to firm the lower body in as little as 14 days (based on an independent user trial of 54 people). It contains a unique mix of ingredients like Soap and Glory's new PINKPEPPERSLIM-LIPO-FB, PRESSOCAPSULAR FIRM-PLUS, D.TOXYBOOST, PUFFDRAIN 82 and FIRMIGEN CAFFEINE COMPLEX. It also features their CIRCU-360™ triball massage applicator which reminds me of those cute, three eyed aliens from Toy Story!

This product is supposed to be applied twice a day and massaged onto the skin and it's recommended to let the product absorb for about 2-3 minutes before getting dressed. Upon application, you soon start to feel a warm, tingling sensation and as you sit, the slow release caffeine spheres start to fully optimize. The serum has a pink hue and applies clear. It has a slight perfume-y/medicated smell that is a bit strong but subsides after it's been absorbed. 

Unfortunately, I did not notice a difference in my skin after using this for a month. I used it on my hips and thighs and while the roller balls felt nice and gave a little massage, it just didn't do much for me. What it did do though was make my skin feel smooth after applying, but don't expect lipo-like results from this product.

Overall, I am highly impressed with most of the Soap & Glory products that I got to try out and I can definitely see myself purchasing more in the future! Have you tried Soap & Glory before? If so, let me know in the comments what your favorite products are! 

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  1. I am a HUGE fan of Soap & Glory after purchasing what I could fit in my suitcase during a recent trip to the UK. I am thrilled that they are readily accessible at Ulta now, as long as they can keep them in stock!


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