Thursday, October 22

Queen of the Intergalactic Deep Sea - Halloween Look

Millions of light years away on the planet Zarine in the Aquitaini System, lives the queen of the intergalactic deep sea, Ula (meaning: gem of the sea). She is a mighty queen who uses the combined unknown forces of the deep sea and outer space to fuel her powers. She is not evil, nor is she noble, and no sane being dares to question her because of her intense space and time bending abilities. She controls everything in the oceans of Zarine, from the mortals that reside within them, to even the amount of oxygen and pressure of the deep sea. Without her, there would be nothing. Ula is the heart of Zarine, a turquoise ocean world. Only a single small land mass exists at the north pole of Zarine which Ula uses to arise from the deep sea during the yearly planet axis shift to reign her world. The earth date equivalent to her ruling is October 31st, and we all must bow down to Queen Ula of Zarine!
  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 150 Buff mixed with white face paint (any will work as long as the base is the same as the foundation, like cream and cream and not cream and grease paint for example)
  • Sugarpill eyeshadow in Tako to set foundation
  • Sugarpill eyeshadow in Home Sweet Home on nose and cheeks
  • Lancôme Drama Liqui-Pencils in Pluie, Cote D'Azur and French Lace to create patterns on face 
  • Sugarpill eyeshadows in Mochi, The Inventor, Acid Berry, Velocity, Poison Plum and Lumi to fill in details and add shadows

  • NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean as a base for shadows
  • Sugarpill eyeshadow in Poison Plum on top inner lids
  • Sugarpill eyeshadow in Afterparty blended with Poison Plum
  • Makeup Geek eyeshadow in Corrupt on outer corners, crease and lower lids
  • Sugarpill eyeshadow in 2AM on lower lids
  • Sugarpill Dewdrop false lashes on top lids and Sugarpill V false lashes on bottom lids  
  • White Mesh contact lenses from Pinky Paradise

  • Makeup Geek eyeshadow in Corrupt to contour cheeks
  • Sugarpill eyeshadow in Lumi to highlight

  • Lancôme Drama Liqui-Pencil in Pluie with Sugarpill eyeshadows in The Inventor patted over outer corners of lips and Mochi and Lumi patted over center of lips

  • Flatback self-adhesive black and white pearls in various sizes applied with lash glue for more reinforcement 


  • DIY using hot glue sticks, head bands and various ocean themed embellishments. If you are interested in a more in depth blog post, please let me know in the comments down below!

I am so proud of this year's Halloween look and I cannot wait to wear it out! I am also really in love with the crown I made and I low-key want to wear it everywhere I go. 

I'm just wearing a black outfit in these photos, but if you're planning on recreating this look for Halloween, I'd recommenced wearing Black Milk's mermaid print clothing (they have leggings, skirts, dresses, etc) or something similar paired with lots of dark ocean/alien themed accessories, black fishnet stockings and dark platform boots. Here's an inspiration board I put together:

DRESS: Mermaid Straps Skater Dress // BlackMilk
STOCKINGS: Fishnet Tights // TopShop
SHOES: Jeffrey Campbell Oil Slick Litas // LoveClothing
NECKLACE: Matte Stick Necklace // TopShop
BRACELET: Shay Black Pearl & Tassel Bracelet // Gilt 
RING: Owen Cocktail Ring in Abalone Shell // Kendra Scott
EARRINGS: Sea Treasure in Black Dangle Earrings // Novica 
Have a fun, safe and spoopy Halloween everyone!


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