Q: What camera do you use?
A: Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H70.

Q: What editing software do you use, and how do you do it?
A: I use Adobe Photoshop CS5 and I actually have a blog post where I explain how I edit step by step. You can check that out HERE.

Q: How do you get your photos to look so vibrant and detailed?
A: There are a number of factors here. I use a high quality digital camera set on macro mode and soft flash. Editing also plays a role. Adjusting exposures and levels makes a huge difference in the quality of photos. And of course, you need to have a good application of makeup.

Q: What kind of lighting do you use to photograph your looks?
A: That depends on the time of day it is. If I am lucky enough to photograph a look during the day, I use a mixture of natural light and a soft flash (so that it doesn't completely wash out colors). I also adjust the exposure on my camera accordingly. I also make sure red-eye reduction is on. If I photograph at night, it gets a bit tricky. I have to use a stronger flash, and use a lamp light as well. Sometimes this can make the photos look a bit too warm so I have to make them look "cooler" on photoshop.

Q: How did you learn to do makeup? Did you go to school?
A: Nope, I didn't go to school to do makeup. I am completely self taught. I started to really get into makeup during my sophomore year in high school. I've always been an artistic person, so it came kind of naturally to me. Not saying that I was instantly some amazing makeup artist...I have had years and years of practice. Nowadays it's so much easier to learn makeup tips, tricks and techniques  There are numerous books out there, and the holy grail of makeup tutorials - YouTube. Don't give up, and keep on practicing!

Q: Do you do video tutorials?
A: I do, but not very frequently. It is a lot of work to edit and film these kinds of videos, but I do it when I have a lot of extra time. I am planning on posting more in the near future though! You can subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE.

Q: Can I make a personalized request?
A: I get a lot of requests and it would be impossible to do each one. I take each one into consideration, but if a certain look gets an overwhelming amount of requests, then I'll go ahead and do that look.

Q: How old are you and where do you live?
A: I am 27 (born February 25, 1986) and I live in Los Angeles, California. I was born in Massachusetts.

Q: What is your ethnicity?
A: I have French and Azorean Portuguese ancestry. Azoreans are basically a mixture of all kinds of Europeans, since the Azores were kind of like a pit stop for sailors back in the day.

Q: Do you have kids?
A: I don't, but I have a dog named Neeko!


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